Honors Pride!

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Hello everyone, today I'm going to share with you'll my experience as an honors student at the U of M .
The UHP is a program for highly academically motivated and qualified students. In other words it is a program for the biggest nerds in college. At least that was the impression and fear I had before joining the U of M. The last thing I wanted to happen was to be branded a nerd the very first time I walked into college. That being said, I was never the coolest kid in high school or anything like that, but at the same time I was always far enough from the bottom of the ruthless high school social hierarchy to be able to look down upon the bottom dwellers with disgust. The prospect of being that bottom dweller was not at all appealing. Yet I joined the UHP: deep down I was proud of being inducted to such a selective program. That along with the fact that I did not want to incur the wrath of my parents who would have none of me making a decision based on college social status considerations. Indian parents...enough said.
So I joined college and spent my freshman in the Honors Housing in Middlebrook Hall. It turned out to be a lot like I had imagined in the sense that the program was full of seriously smart people. Nerds. But strangely, after a while I began to feel a connection with the honors students. They were hardworking, competitive, focused and determined to do great things in life-just like me. Maybe the development of this connection was inevitable since I was surrounded by honors students most of the time and slowly, I began to experience the 'Honors Pride': pride at being an honors student. I began to notice the privileges of being an honors student; I got to study in small honors classrooms where I could receive greater personal attention from my Professors, I got individualized academic advice and counseling from my Honors advisor and I had the opportunity to graduate with Latin honors . As my social circle within UHP expanded I came across several people who had very similar interests as mine outside academics. Since a lot of the honors students fall into the typical nerd stereotype, I was very excited when I finally found people within UHP who like me loved to play sports, just hang out or party! Honors pride gave rise to the belief that we honors students belong to the top of the college social ladder. Needless, to say nobody else in college believes that.
I moved out of the dorms and into an off campus apartment with my two best college friends, both honors students, in my sophomore year. Moving out of the Honors housing has helped all three of us expand our social circles outside the UHP and we have had some fun and crazy times in our apartment. It is true that there are a few times I am sick of the extra effort I have to put as part of being an honors student, but looking back I am glad to have joined this program and proud to have been considered for the UHP.
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