Minne-SNOW-taa Experience!


Hi all,

So, this just happened today! And I couldn't hold myself not to write about it. ;D


-From outside my window-

Today was the first day of heavy snow for the season. You must hear about term "Minne-SNOW-ta" before. People said the winter can be pretty bad, not only the coldness but also the snow.
However, I bet the first thought in your mind (if you have never seen snow before) would be:

"When is going to be snow?"

"I want to play with the snow"

And the first reaction when first time seeing it would be:

"OMG, snow!!"

"It is snowing!"

"Snowwwww, aaaahhhh xD!!"

What is happening next? You would start taking pictures, posting it on Facebook, updating your FB status, updating your twitter, calling your parents, boyfriends, girlfriends, and so on. Tell me if I am right. Hahaha.

Although this year would be my second winter, I am honestly still excited seeing snow. Actually, I should have spent my time studying for final next week. But I couldn't concentrate to study because every time I looked out from my window, there were tones of snow falling down and calling me to go outside and play!
snow window.JPG

-View from my other window-

Yes, and that was exactly what I did! Since many people said last year wasn't a real Minnesota winter and I didn't get to enjoy thick snow that much, I decided to have some snow fun activities. I ditched my books for the soft, white, pretty snow! Haha. I got ready and dressed up just to make sure I didn't get cold or frostbite (though it wasn't that cold).
I called my friends to make snowman. So these were basically what I did:

  • Snow Fight

Once we got outside and held the snow, next thing that happened was we started throwing it to each other. Hehe. Well, snow fight was just for warming up. There wasn't any picture of us because I was too indulged in the fighting.
But I stole this from my friend, Danial, because I just think this is hilarious.

  • Snow Angel

This is the first thing that you should make on the fresh snow! After the soft snow just fell, you should at least try to lay down on it. ;)
-Snow Angel-


  • Snowman

It took us more than half an hour to gather enough snow and made the base. It wasn't that easy since the snow was still so soft. We need to really make it compact and solid by adding water. Some decoration were also needed.

-With asian snowman-

-My very first snowman-

After mission accomplished, we closed the fun with hot cocoa.

Hope you enjoy reading it!

Ceria ;D


wooow Superb :)

i wish i play snow with u there

oh i see photo people very happy if my country have snow like this

Gotta love the snow!!!

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