Where to buy chicken? All about Supermarkets, American supermarket Episode III

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Hello again, Tony's here.
Well, this is episode III, but please be aware that this is a short show so episode III is the final episode, at least for the first season.
And the name is "American supermarket" but today what I'm going to talk about is some Asian markets, so the name should be "Supermarket in American", but Tony is just too lazy to change it.
So, back to the topic, the 4 markets I'm going to talk about are: Shanghai Market. United Noodle, Shuang hur, and Midtown global market.
Shanghai Market
Shanghai market is my favorite Asian market, or to be more specific, my favorite Chinese market( it is actually the only market found and run by Chinese).
What makes it so special to me is the products. Besides normal grocery and food like local fish etc, shanghai market sometimes sell actual made-in-china Chinese products like drinks, snacks and other stuff that I can only get when I go back to China. They import these products in a special way which is still legal, and sell them with during unscheduled and limited time. There's always some surprises every time I go shopping there, and this is a happy shopping experience!!
However, the location of shanghai market is not ideal. It is located in St Paul near St Paul Campus of the U, which for West Bank and East Bank students would be a long journey. Luckily, Bus No.3 can take people from Jones Hall all the way to Shanghai Market. So grap a book, put on your headphone, then enjoy the sunshine if there is, after about 40 mins bus trip, you will start the happy shopping!


Name: Shanghai Market
Category: Grocery store
Price:Slightly higher than average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7 Open: No

Shuang Hur
Shuang Hur market is an Asia market featuring fresh food especially fresh sea food like oyster. Also, shuang hur sells living fishes, so it should be extremely fresh!
Shuang Hur is in St. Paul as well, but it is on the route of bus No. 16.

Name: Shuang Hur
Category: Grocery store
Price:About the average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7 Open: No

United Noodle, Midtown Global Market

The reason why I put these two together is, they are so related to each other.
First location, they are both on west bank where the neighborhoods are mainly immigrants.
United Noodle

United Noodle is an Asian Market focusing on Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food. Especially for Japanese food, they are all in good quality so some of them are kind of expensive.
Name: United Noodle
Category: Grocery store
Price:About the average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7 Open: No

Midtown Global Market

Midtown Global Market, on the other hand, is not just focus on raw food material, there's lots of restaurant from different culture. Also, some interesting goods are common in midtown global market, it's more like a shopping mall.
Name: Midtown Global Market
Category: shopping market
Price: average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7 Open: No
My friend, Sarah, who is a landscape architecture student like me, she and her group have done a comparing project about these two markets. Her point of view is focus on architecture and social context, but still very interesting to read. Sarah's Blog
In a word, United Noodle is more like a grocery store people are looking for, while the Midtown Global Market is a shopping-center-like market, which means totally different experiences.

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