I love Bookstores


I love bookstores. I especially have an affinity for old ones with interesting layouts and even more interesting books. I spend hours in these stores not even reading; just walking through and looking at leather bound covers and feeling through the texture of books' pages. It is a weird habit, but books really are amazing things!!! How can something so basic hold so much creativity and wisdom, satisfaction and joyful escape?

ANYWAY, as I was writing before I lost my train of thought: I love old dusty bookstores but I have become very fascinated with the University of Minnesota Bookstore in Coffman Student Union. It is one of the largest public university bookstores in the entire country! I didn't even know this until now but it makes sense. No wonder I always get lost and lose so much time in there...


Bookstore entrance

It boasts a myriad of fun items including textbooks, general books, collegiate gift items, magazines, fun random items, cosmetics, tech devices, medical school products, collegiate clothing and my favorite part: stationery!


Some cool stuff inside the bookstore.

Coming in as a new student, the bookstore was a convenient place to get all the textbooks I needed. After signing up for classes, I simply ordered my textbooks online from the bookstore. I went to pick them up at the store just as an excuse to roam around but you can also have your books sent to your dorm, apartment or home.

In addition to selling textbooks, the bookstore also buys textbooks back from students throughout the year. How cool is that?! There are instances when the store does not buy textbooks back though. Here are some examples:

-When the textbook is damaged.
-If the store is ordering the new edition of a textbook.
-If the store has filled its quota for textbooks it will buy back.

Despite these cases, it is still nice to know that you don't have to hold on to textbooks you will never use again AND that you can be paid for them too.

Of course whenever I go to the store I have to stop by the clothing section to check what new gopher styles are in store. The store doesn't just have t-shirts and sweatshirts and pants, it also has formal dress shirts, cardigans, kids clothes, caps, bags, miss styles for women etc. The list goes on.

The bookstore often has sales on different items . Two of the biggest sales are the Fall Sale and the May Sale. During these sales, as early as 8 am, the bookstore sets up tables in front of the student union and have many boxes of largely discounted items for people to buy. These sales usually last two weeks; one occurs at the beginning of the fall semester and one at the end of the spring semester.

During football season the bookstore also sets tents up outside TCF Bank stadium for home games. So if you are not dressed up in gopher colors when you arrive at the stadium, you can always buy an item at the tents and be game-ready!

Now that's what I call bleeding maroon and gold. ^^

In conclusion, the U of M bookstore is tons of fun. So if you get the chance, do stop by and check it out!


I have to agree that bookstores are awesome. I buy most of my books on Kindle now, but paper books will never go out of style.

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