The Fun Classes at the U- Photography Class


I know I know, next week the new class registration for summer and fall semester will begin. Except that required classes within your major, have you figured out yet what fun classes you want to take? Just learn something new, you may end up cultivating a lifelong hobby:)

The fun class I recommend today is the photography class that I am taking right now. Personally, I love taking pictures. And I believe there are a lot of people nowadays love taking pictures too, as a way to express your idea and record life, or a tool to explore the world! My understanding of photography is that, it is a way of thinking. The logic behind the pictures could be as simple and concrete as a single object; or it can be as abstract as whatever beyond your imagination. Photography is definitely a wonderful tool for you to communicate with the world using your own language. You composition, frame, lighting, time, etc., all these elements are the vocabulary that you can use to form your own language.

In my photography class, so far, I have finished several projects. I will give you one picture form each project as an example of my work:)

Project 1: Self Portrait without face
_MG_0657 2.jpg

Project2: Photography is fiction
Laughter In Memory.jpg

Project 3: Narrative story VS Non narrative subject

Non narrative:
Project 4: A Story of My Little Bear
And more...

Now I am working on another project which I will keep it as a secret.
As you can see, there are so many things out there that you can take a picture of. Whether you make up something like my "orange brothers", or you just record of the thing itself. Whatever you do, as long you are learning, thinking and having fun!

This is a digital photography class. Also, there's film photography class too, if you want to stay in the dark room and experience how to "wash pictures" using different chemicals. That's a lot of fun too!


Kaiwen your photography is so awesome! You are really talented, now I want to take a photography class :P

In the project titled "A story of my little bear", did you take the first picture (with the bear on the stairs) at your home in China?

The best way to learn is by having fun! Your work is awesome, so you must be having a lot of fun!

Nice pics!! Kaiwen this kind of pics make a remarkable sense in every aspect. I believe that such kind of photography is immensely significant.This is also relevant to This can be classified as an integral part to make it a perfect vision that make it a very important issue of concern in differnt aspects.

Any chance you can share the course names and numbers for both Film Photography and regular photography.


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