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Questions about applying to U of M??????

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oh shoot!!! I'm late to write my blog. I thought I have to write it next week. That's what too many exams can do to a person. Exams can drive you crazy :) And when your football team is n a losing streak it's worse. But now it's time to forget all the @#$%# and write my blog. In this weeks blog I'm going to go through few questions I had before joining the U of M.

How do I apply to the University of Minnesota?

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I want to be a part of the University of Minnesota! How can I apply for the admission?

Is this the State of Being Overwhelmed by Questions?!


Hey everyone,

As you go through your applications and your decision processes, I know that you are overwhelmed by tons of questions rocketing in your head! What... How...When...Where?!!!! As these questions are filling up your head, don't panic! Simply read my blog to get answers to at least some of these questions and feel free to email me from for further questions. :)

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