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CLA.jpegAs my previous blog, we have discussed that importance of a Liberal Arts degree. Now, you might start to think where to pursuit your Liberal Arts degree. In this blog, I will share with you my experience why College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota should be a destination for your education.

I'm a transfer student. Thus, when I decided to transfer at my junior year, I needed to make a right decision not to waste my time and money. College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota stands out among many options. Here are the reasons:

1. Reasonable tuition fee

Estimated Cost of Attendance for International Undergraduate Students Full-time tuition, fees, and books and supplies* (9 months) $20,088
Let's face it: $20,088 is A LOT OF money! But if you just do a little bit research about tuition fee for international students to attend US university, you might find that you get such a good deal for a good University like the U of M.

2. Second language requirement
As I mentioned in my previous blog, College of Liberal Arts at the U of M is the only college that requires students to study a second language. However, if you are international student, language requirement is waved for you!

If you are still interested, CLA offers different classes of 40 different languages. You can check here for the full language courses that are offered at CLA

3. Wide range of majors, minors and degrees
CLA offers 69 majors and 74 minors in 5 main themes:
1. Arts, Communication, and Media
2. Humanities, Languages, and Cultures
3. Sciences and Math
4. Social Sciences
5. Individualized.

Here is the detailed list for different majors offered at CLA.

Moreover, The College of Liberal Arts offers five bachelor's degrees:
bachelor of arts (BA)
bachelor of individualized studies (BIS)
bachelor of fine arts (BFA)
bachelor of music (BMus)
bachelor of science (BS)

4. Many active student groups
There are 33 student groups that show how CLA students take their education beyond the classroom. Besides that CLA student Ambassadors, here is the list of different group that you might able to join basing on common interests, hobbies, professional goals, religious affiliations.

5. Helpful advising academic and career service

=> CLA professional advising team can help students to:

  • explore and choose your major
  • plan your course load to stay on track for timely graduation
  • understand University policies and procedures and how they apply to you
  • take advantage of University learning opportunities outside of the classroom
  • prepare for life after graduation, including grad school or your career

=> CLA Career Services will help you:

  • Explore majors and choose one. They do this via individual assistance, personality and interest tests, classes, and resource room full of information you can browse
  • Connect your major to potential careers. You're likely to find options that you didn't know were available.
  • Search for internships and jobs. They'll teach you effective job-search strategies, resume writing, and interviewing skills. They also connect you to an on-campus recruiting program specifically for CLA students.
  • Set up an independent research or study project with a CLA faculty member.
  • Decide if you want to attend grad school and help you apply. CLA Career Services is also the U's prelaw advising office.

6. High ranking programs
Here is a not-detailed list of the rankings in the nation of some majors in CLA that I collected from Usnews:

#1 Developmental Psychology
#3 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
#4 Macroeconomics
#8 Psychology
#10 in Economics
#35 in English
#24 History
#17 Political Science
#20 Sociology

It's not all majors at CLA but it could give you an overview about the quality of different majors at CLA.

Above are 6 main reasons why I decided to attent CLA at the University of Minnesota. What else are you waiting for? Apply today and join our big family at CLA!

Carlson---Where do you start your business...


Back to 2 years ago, when I applied to college, I was sure that I want to choose something that related to business. I ended up choosing Carlson School of Management in University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Honestly, this is probably one of the wisest decisions I ever made.
They have AWESOME advising services and all advisors are truly welcome international students. Academic advising is a critical part of your undergraduate experience at the Carlson School. Advisors are here to help you set goals and guide you through the numerous opportunities available to you at the University. They'll make sure you stay on track for graduation without losing sight of how your individual goals fit into your educational experience.For further information, you can find If you are an international student in Carlson, but has not been to Undergraduate Business Career Center (UBCC), you should go there to check it out. They provide help for the resume building and they have career coaches to talk with you about your job interests and answering your questions towards the The Edge or job hunting. They are really good resources. Please take advantage of it!

We have 208 degree-seeking international students representing 23 different countries in Carlson. Among those international students, 127 students are from China. 36 students are from South Korea and 14 students are from Vietnam. The rest are from other different countries. Being a Carlson student, it is really important to get involved and practice your communication and leadership skills while keeping good Academic grades. It can be challenging sometimes to keep the balance between them. Do not worry! Carlson always provides you with a lot of information sessions or workshops about how to deal with this situation and also how to network with recruiters. You definitely will learn a lot about business and get to explore as well. MAP2.jpeg

The biggest event for our international students in Carlson is called Carlson Global Connect/Kick off event. This year was held at Hanson Hall 1-108, from 4:30pm to 6:00pm on September 26th. It's Carlson Global Connect Event Series, which consists of three important events designed just for Carlson international degree-seeking undergraduate students.This event tends to bring all the international students from Carlson together and get to know each other while giving the international students more college resources and meeting with professors from different majors. This year, we had at least one professor from each major attending this event. This event lasts for three days. There is one theme for each day.
 Carlson Global Connect Kick Off and Networking Event with Carlson Undergraduate Faculty
 Carlson International Alumni Panel: Finding a job in the U.S as an international student
 How do you talk to Americans-10 Expert Tips for Successful Intercultural Communication

Besides this event, there are also a lot of other activities you can attend. Login in to the edge and find more opportunities. The Edge is also the website that you can apply for different internships and full time jobs and registering Carlson events. Here is the website.

Carlson has a lot of resources and opportunities waiting for you. The most important thing is to go out and explore them. Keep networking with people and you will learn much from those people and you will be amazed by how much you improve through these processes.

Thank you all for reading. If you are interested in more Carlson information, please feel free to email me and also follow my coming blogs. I will write more about them!
Have a good break everyone!


What can you do with a Liberal Arts Degree?!


Let's face it: What is the most common question people ask you as a college student? "What are you studying?"

If you answer is one of the liberal arts majors like mine, then, most people might wonder "What are you going to do with that degree?" Well, you can do almost anything with a Liberal Arts Degree! But what is "anything"? You can do a lot of things. You just don't know what exactly they are?!

I still remember having a conversation with my career advisor. He told me that employee look for people with Communication skill but they don't look for a specific person with Communication degree. the degree worthless? NO. Do we need Liberal Arts Degree? YES.


Last Friday, I had a chance to meet with the academic advisor from College of Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota. She shared that a Liberal Arts Degree should have been a requirement for every college student in order to have a wide knowledge about different things going on in the world. According to her, liberal arts degrees provide students with different perspectives to make them think critically.

I'm not an expert. I haven't got out of college and of course I haven't had chance to prove what I have gained throught my liberal arts degrees. However, during the last summer, I got two internships. We can also see a lot of succesful people with Liberal Arts Degrees. I would want to quote some experts' opinions about Liberal Arts Degree.

"I keep reading statistics about how many times today's graduates will change careers during their lifetimes," he says. "A liberal arts degree is the ideal preparation for that kind of world, even if the degree does not channel one neatly into one's first post-college job."says Paul D'Anieri, dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida.

"A liberal arts degree provides an inherent advantage in written and oral communication, interpersonal skills, problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, and adaptability to change," says JP Hansen, career expert and author of The Bliss List: The Ultimate Guide to Living the Dream at Work and Beyond. "The ability to comprehend, communicate, and conquer problems is the name of the game and is implied with a liberal arts degree."

On top of that, a report from the Social Science Research Council shows students with skills typically taught in liberal arts programs tend to be more successful after graduation.

Fox news

At the same time, College of Liberal Arts at University of Minnesota is the only college that requires students to know another language in order to graduate. Knowing another language is one of the biggest advantage you can have in daily life as well as work life. Most of us here are international students, which means we might speak another language other than English.

Please follow my next blogs when I discuss more about how knowing another language is beneficial and why College of Liberal Arts at University of Minnesota should be your destination!

Why Did I Choose to Study in the U.S.?!

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Hey Everyone!

How are you doing so far? We're close to the end of semester with a whole lot of homework, papers, and exams. Though, it's good to know that we're only 4 more weeks away from winter break :-)

Today I'd like to share with you some of the reasons I chose to leave my beloved country and study here in the U.S.
• The first and most important reason was my Dad. He has also studied here in the US and has always talked about good old days that he had in California. He always says it's good to leave your family and country for new experiences in other countries. Since I love my Dad so much, I wanted to experience what he has experienced. After all he is like a role model to me, so I took his advice and decided to leave my country.

Thanks Dad.jpg

• The second reason was my own interest in becoming independent and experiencing a new country. I wanted to make new friends, and more important to live in a country with a different culture than mine. I wanted to learn new things and experience things that I could never experience without leaving my family and my people. I even loved to speak a foreign language other than my mother tongue. I sometimes used to speak English with my parents even when I was back at home.
• The other reason that I chose to study here is that I knew US has a good education system, and good universities to get a degree from.

With all that said, it was still hard to leave my family, friends, and country for a new world. But I did it and I am happy with what I did :-)

Why I chose U of M- Twin Cities

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Like most students I applied to several universities. I had to face the challenge of choosing the right university after I got acceptance letters from 4 out 5 universities I applied.

After much consideration I narrowed my choices down to 2 universities; University of Minnesota and Texas A & M University. Then I looked at U.S. and world rankings of the two universities. After I was done researching I knew for certainly where I want to go to continue my studies. 3 years later here I am as a senior studying HR at University of Minnesota.

Did you know that Minnesota is the base for 20 companies that are in the Fortune 500 companies list ranging from Business, technological, food & health services. Every year these companies come to U of M to hire the best and brightest students.


One of the major reasons I chose University of Minnesota is because of the U.S. and world rankings. Let take a look at some of the current rankings:

•According to the 2011 Academic Ranking of World Universities, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is ranked 28th in the world.

•According to U.S news & world report's 2012 ranking, University of Minnesota undergraduate program is ranked 68th in US.

•According to Center for Measuring University Performance, University of Minnesota is ranked among the top 25 of the nation's research universities.

Apart from being a top ranked university, the schools and the programs offered here at U of M also have good ranks.

Currently Chemical Engineering program at U of M is ranked at #3 while Economics is at #10 in U.S. There are many more majors in the top 50 ranked programs. Click Here to see the entire list of rankings.

Here are some more statistics about various Ranking University of Minnesota holds.

The other reason I chose University of Minnesota is because of the lower tuition rate they have for International students compared to other top ranked universities.

I'm glad that I chose University of Minnesota to continue my education.

Studying at a research University that has a good overall rank, you are guaranteed to receive the best education at a reasonable cost.

What more can a student ask for?

Minnesota Golden Gophers 1.JPG

A day in Minji's life at the UofM


Hey Everyone,
It's been a while, since I posted last time.
I thought I would share my typical day at the UofM these days :)
I am taking many fun extra classes in addition to my design classes this semester. Since I am a senior and am expecting to graduate in May 2011, I'm taking advantage of being a college student by joining Taekwondo and Jazz dance class!! The UofM offers so many different courses and I would like to share my two fun extra classes.

Blog of the Week

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Make sure to check out our Blog of the Week winners :)

Week 1 (October 10 - 16, 2010): Choose UofM and Have the Best of Both Worlds! by Minji Kye

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Mechanical Engineering

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Heya all!!! ts getting cold in Minneapolis and finally we are getting snow this weekend!!! I don't know whether I should be happy or sad about it.

Anywayz this week's blog um going to talk about my major, Mechanical Engineering (ME).

Mechanical Engineering department


Questions about applying to U of M??????

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oh shoot!!! I'm late to write my blog. I thought I have to write it next week. That's what too many exams can do to a person. Exams can drive you crazy :) And when your football team is n a losing streak it's worse. But now it's time to forget all the @#$%# and write my blog. In this weeks blog I'm going to go through few questions I had before joining the U of M.

Why U of M?

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There are more than 2000 institutions of higher education in United States. I am sure you have asked yourself why University of Minnesota. The answer is simple. U of M is one of the best schools in the country regardless of what it is the most important thing for you in a school.

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