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I will be graduating next semester and here are my classes for the Spring:
Two marketing classes that relates to my major
One Biology class about global environment
One digital photography class
And one more African dance class.
Yes, I am senior student who is about to graduate.

You might think that, aren't the seniors students who are about to facing the last semester supposed to be busy with papers, projects, applying for graduate school or finding an internship etc. How could I possibly have time to take such unrelated classes as dance or photography.

Well, let me explain. I understand that it is impossible for you to believe that I am willing to put so much time to classes that seem have nothing to do with my major. But let me tell you the reason I choose to do this and the fact is that the university has so many interesting classes that you can't even imagine.

In China, I know that the students are always required to take this class and that class in high schools and basically don't have any choices. After the Chinese college examination, the students are admitted into universities with their majors mainly settled. And the students need to follow the scheduled classes options until they finish and graduate.

Here at the U, things are so much different.

Freshmen start their first year with trying different classes that they think they might be interested in. They will explore different classes to gain various experiences before they decide what major they want to take. Also, some students will combine several interests together and they will double or triple majors and maybe at the same time taking some minor courses too.

To satisfy different students' different needs, the U offers thousand kinds of classes for students to try out and have fun. In this case, although the students are taking their major classes, but they can still have time to explore more areas that they are passionate about. More examples are, I know a Chinese girl who started her freshman year at the U and she is interested in physics and she also has taken four different dance classes. Another Chinese girl majors in math but every semester, she is trying to learn a new language, she has finished elementary French, Japanese, Arabic courses, amazing right?

As for me, I used to think that I need to put all my time into my major coures and try to finish my degree and graduate early. After a while, I realize that such thoughts are keeping me away from a lot of fun. So I tried tap dancing class and it was awesome. The moment I step in that dance class, I realized that I can add more color to my academic life by experience something new! And later I took African dance class which brought me back to the free and wild world of movement. what's more, I have considered self-defense class, design class, drawing class, singing class etc. But they all ended up with time conflicts with my other classes or they were to popular to register. But I still remember the moment I was going through the class options and imagining myself taking such cool classes, I could smell that sense of excitement. Because I know that every single class will lead you to a brand new journey and open a whole new world to you. Isn't it a great thing to learn new things? Yes, it is!

My point here is that, I understand that Chinese students when they are studying abroad. They are carrying expectations from families and friends. They work so hard and they want to make the most use of the tuition that their parents have paid for them and they want to learn as much as possible because they want to be more successful. However, during this period, you can actually make study a fun experience by adding some fun classes to balance your major classes. You will be grateful and surprised of how much joy and fun these classes can bring to you. Choosing these classes doesn't mean that you are wasting your time. the truth is that these classes are helping you to gain a diverse perspective of the world around you. These classes will inspire you, teach you how to be a more well-rounded person, guide you to explore more opportunities and thoughts of life. I think these experiences are more valuable than you simply sitting there and trying to memorize that equations from the text book.

Try to seize the youth time to experience more. Working hard is important, working hard while having fun is more important, working hard and having fun while learning new things is the most important thing you should do when you are here as a student!

Folks, Kaiwen comes to say hi!

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Greetings folks,

This is Kaiwen, an international student from Shandong (There are a lot of students from Shandong in this university:D) China majoring in Agricultural & Food Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing.

My name is the Chinese translation of the English name "Kevin". When I started to learn English in China, I used "Kevin" as my English name for more than ten years. Then one day I was preparing my IELTS speaking exam, I told my foreign language teacher that my name is "Kevin", he was surprised and asked me: Kevin? A girl? Then he later explained to me that I can't use a boy's name if I am a girl because people might take it wrong. So I just stopped using this name and never had any English name. And the only "Kevin" that is female that I knew later is a female bird in the Disney cartoon "Up", its name is "Kevin".

The reason that I choose to be a Chinese International Student Ambassador is that, I really want to help more students with my experience here at the university. I want to share my stories with you about my life at the university or, broadly speaking, within the United States, to help you gain a better understanding of how's everything looks like, feels like from an international student's perspective!

The university is a place that always remains to be discovered. Remember to keep an eye on it and you will be surprised by its amazing beauty of diversity!

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