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Baby, It's Cold in Minne-snow-ta!

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It is no secret that Minne-snow-ta winter is characterized by cold (below freezing) temperatures. In the Twin Cities (Minneapolis - Saint Paul) region, the average winter temperature is around 10 degree Fahrenheit (-12.2 degree Celsius). Yet, you have nothing to worry about because Minnesota also offers various attractions which help you forget the fact that it is cold outside!


Some people do ride their bikes to school >.< Picture taken by: Asa Widiastomo

ISA Open House 2010

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What is an open house?

I have been in the United States for three years but I did not know what an open house was when Beth Isensee, our program coordinator, mentioned it during one of our meetings. So for a quick answer, I went to wikipedia. According to them, an open house is an event held at an institution whereby its doors are open to the general public so as to allow people to become familiar with that institution and to gain information on it.

Why did we have an open house anyway?

From Genetics to Communication Studies: Why Not?

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Genetics! Yes, I came to the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities with an intention to major in Genetics. Three years went by and I decided to switch to Communication Studies. Two completely different majors, aren't they? What made me change my mind? Cartoon Confused.jpg

How do I apply to the University of Minnesota?

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I want to be a part of the University of Minnesota! How can I apply for the admission?

The Magic of the UMN

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The University of Minnesota - Twin Cities goes by different names. Some people refer to it as the U, the U of M, or the UMN. Just like its many names, the University hosts up to 50,000 students, scholars, staffs and faculty from various cultures and backgrounds. So why? Why did I decide to be a part of this prestigious and huge school?

I go by the name of A.S.A

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My full name is Astari Widiastomo. Everybody calls me Asa. In Indonesian, it means hope. I am on my last year at the University of Minnesota, studying Communication Studies.