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Cultivate your future at the U

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University of Minnesota provides a lot of major programs. There are many colleges and schools at the U, such as the College of Liberal Arts, which is the biggest college in the university, Carlson School, which is focused on business management, Law School, Medical School and so forth. Here is the website where you could go to and check all the colleges and schools in the university.

Why Choose U?

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When it comes to the reason why I choose the University of Minnesota, I would list many, such as for its prestigious faculties, its reasonable tuition and fees, and its charming campus. However, what attracts me most is its cultural diversity. There are thousands of International students and scholars studying and living at the U. As a result, there are more opportunities to learn different culture and customs.

Welcome to This Big Family!

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Hello everyone! My name is Jia Guo. I feel quite honored to join this big family as an International Ambassador. I will endeavor my efforts to serve all International newcomers, hoping to make you feel loved here as a part of a big family.