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A day in Minji's life at the UofM

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Hey Everyone,
It's been a while, since I posted last time.
I thought I would share my typical day at the UofM these days :)
I am taking many fun extra classes in addition to my design classes this semester. Since I am a senior and am expecting to graduate in May 2011, I'm taking advantage of being a college student by joining Taekwondo and Jazz dance class!! The UofM offers so many different courses and I would like to share my two fun extra classes.

Blog of the Week

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Push your creativity and talents at CDes!

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Hello everyone,
As I mentioned in my other blogs, I am a senior student at CDes (College of Design) majoring in Interior Design. I am really excited to tell you about my major today.

Essential networking lets your dream come true!

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Hi all,
This school year has been already crazy busy with homework and projects. I believe most of you value academics as your number one priority. If you don't, you probably should.. :] But sometimes, don't you want to get some more feedback from other people besides your peer or professor?

Choose UofM and have the best of both worlds!

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Do you want to experience the true college experience? Choose UofM and you will not be disappointed. How do I know? I have been in the same boat as you are three years ago. Because there are so many pros for attending the U, I highly recommend you to come and join us! First, I want to introduce the campuses. Then, I am going to walk you through the each campuses and kind of give you a mini tour. After reading this blog, I hope you will get the idea of campus life at the U.

Just Saying Hello to Y'all :]

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Hey everyone!
My name is Minji, the new International Student Ambassador representing the College of Design. I come from a suburb of Seoul, called Bundang, in South Korea.