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Before you leave

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Hello future U of M students.
Summer is really close. I hope you are exited for it because I am. If you guys didn't confermed your enrolment, please do it as soon as possible because you have time until May first. It would be smart to start thinking where you will be living during school year. I personally think that living on campus your freshmen year is a great idea. If you want to live in one of the dorms, we will have to apply for on campus housing. The deadline is May 1st. Another option is to arrive some time in advance and to find a place to live. Those days when you will be looking for an apartment the cheapest place to live will be a dorm. You need to reserve a room in advance.

I am sure you want to do many things until you leave for college, so stop procrastinating. The close to flight time the busier you will get.

After Break

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Hey people
This is my first blog after the winter break which I spent home. It is nice to be back but I still wish the break was longer. I hope everybody had fun celebrating Christmas and New Year.
Coming back to Minneapolis reminded me of my very first time when I came here and I would like to write about how to prepare for that.
Before coming here I thought I am too cool and that I didn't need anybody's help. I signed up for International Buddy Program just in case and late I understood how useful it is. At least there is somebody waiting for you in the airport when you arrive.
When I was packing my staff, one very important thing I didn't think about was to take a nice big picture of my family, right now you might be looking forward to leaving as soon as possible but I assure you that you will miss them.
One more think I wanted to tell: Don't take too many clothes with you. I guess it depends where you are coming from but I found out that the clothes are cheaper here.
Good luck with whatever you are doing!!!!

A class for international students

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Hey Guys!!!
We had ISA Open House, at which we got to meet representatives from out college. CLA students met an Assistant Dean and we learn a lot of useful information. From that huge amount of information there is a thing I want to share with you.

Best major ever!!!!

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There are many good major in the University but I have settled on Economics. Everybody will agree that economic situation influences our life strongly and I would like to know why we are in trouble right now and it is also cool to understand what those smart guys from TV are talking about.

Student Life

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University of Minnesota is a huge place with a vibrant community. If you are someone who is not only into reading this school is a right place for you. University of Minnesota has more than 400 groups organizations and associations ,ranging from the skydiving club to the Union of Students Speaking Russian. Everybody can find something which really makes him or her excited.

Why U of M?

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There are more than 2000 institutions of higher education in United States. I am sure you have asked yourself why University of Minnesota. The answer is simple. U of M is one of the best schools in the country regardless of what it is the most important thing for you in a school.

Hey everybody!!!

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Hello!!!!!!! My name is Victor and I am from a country called Moldova. It is in eastern Europe in case somebody doesn't know. I am studying Economics in College of Liberal Arts which is the biggest school within the University of Minnesota.