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Hello everyone,
Last time I compared the 4 big supermarkets around U, today, I want to talk about some smaller stores that are much closer to the U, which means most of them are walkable or easier access to be reached. They are CVS, LUNDS and another one is an online grocery store which called "Gopher Grocery"
What makes LUNDS special?Well, first of all is its organic products. All fruit and vegetables in LUNDS are organic, and other product such as fishes and meat are promised to be fresh.Based on that, the price of LUNDS is higher than other supermarkets. For example, one pound of shrimp may charge $7.99 in Target while in LUNDS the price might be $11.99. However, for other common products such as Maid Minutes Orange Juice, the price is the same as other markets.
Another feature of LUNDS is the delicious food. There's a variety of food, from meat balls to signature fried chicken. and they are charged by weight, $7.99 per pound so if you are smart enough, you can get more kinds of food with less money.
As it is showed in google map, LUNDS is very close to Dinky town neighborhood.walk along the SE 4th St. LUNDS is on the left side.
In a word, because of the higher price, it might be a good idea to treat ourselves after midterm festival or when there's some bigger events.
Category: Grocery store
Price:Higher than average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7 Open: No

I don't think it's necessary to say too much about CVS, that's the nearest one around the U---located on University Ave. near dinky town, across the street there's McDonald's.
The feature of CVS is the pharmacy. CVS does have licensed pharmacist to assistance customers to find the right medicines. But CVS doesn't have fresh food in stock.
There's another CVS in Midway shopping center area which is open 24/7. But please be aware of that it is super dangerous to go there during at late night( well it's not safe to go out at late night anywhere...)
Category:Convenient store
Price: About average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7 Open: No for the one in Dinky town, yes for the one in Midway shopping center

Gopher Grocery
Because of the hyperborean weather in Minnesota, it is still hard to talk a 5mins walk to CVS in snow carrying heavy or big daily goods. It is said that the lazy will find the easiest way to do work, I'm lazy enough so I offer you a way I do shopping, which is an online grocery store called Gopher Grocery.
Here's the link to its webpage Gopher Grocery.
Just enter the zip code of the living area, then happy online grocery shopping starts!!
The choices vary from daily goods to fresh food. but the most amazing feature of gopher grocery is they deliver!!Just pay for $2 and they will deliver your order next day and the if the order is over $100, they deliver it for free!!
Name: Gopher Grocery
Category:Online Convenient store
Price: Average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7: Like amazon, hah
So to sum up again, to buy super fresh chicken, go to LUNDS. Go to CVS to find fried chicken and then at home, order chicken online from gopher grocery.
Next time, I will mainly talk about the international markets for example Asian markets.
To be continued.

Better Safe Than Sorry !

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Before I came to America, I heard a lot of rumors and myth about the land of opportunity.
Some of them were wrong, and some of them were right.
One of them was "A lot of stores will be closed at early time" and it is true.
In U.S, many stores close around 6~8 p.m.
(Also, I want to emphasize it totally depends on stores)
So, after evening, many roads are empty. Especially Minnesota gets dark earlier after winter starts.
You can see it looks like night even slightly pass 5'clock.
Although Minnesota is one of the safest places in the U.S, it is always helpful to pay extra attention to your safety!

University of Minnesota supports students' safety in many ways!

Safety is Easy. The Pavement is Hard. Pedestrians, bikers, and drivers: Here are some simple safety messages to keep in mind as you navigate campus.

The Stand Up campaign has been designed to help prevent sexual assault, campus crime, and excessive drinking. Stand up and do what's right.

TXT-U, the University of Minnesota emergency notification text messaging system.

624-WALK, a free walking or biking security escort service to and from campus locations and adjacent neighborhoods, available to all students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Gopher Chauffeur, a free door-to-door van service offering rides on and near campus.

•Wide-ranging safety and security measures in residence halls and apartments.

•Twenty Code Blue Phones for immediate connection to the 911 operator at the University Police station.

A variety of University departments involved in planning for and responding to emergencies.

•900 security cameras monitored around the clock.

•200 yellow phones for emergency, medical, and safety-related calls.

yello phone.jpg

Hi everyone:) I want share some of my experiences to show what kind of troubles you can get in because I want you to know what can happen if you are reckless and don't want you guys to get screwed up.

When I transferred to the U, the only bank account that I had was a saving account of a local bank near my previous school. I started living in an apartment but soon realized that I did not have a check book to pay for my rent. I used to live in dorm, so I never needed to write a check before. I opened a new checking account and had the bank send me check books immediately. Until they arrive, I had to go to Cub Foods every month to make money orders because my apartment doesn't accept cash. I am from a country that doesn't use check, so I was totally underestimating the importance of checks. I think you will do, but opening saving and checking accounts as soon as you arrive at the U.S. is important even if you don't use them right away.


When I was living in St. Paul, I never went to campus on weekends, so I didn't notice that my bus didn't run on weekends. During final week, I had my final on Saturday on St. Paul campus. The other bus routes would take 2 hours, so it happened to use taxi. You may think that all the taxi drivers know everything about the area, but mine was not. Very interestingly, my taxi driver did not know where the St. Paul campus of the U, and he took me to a different school... Miraculously, we made it to the St. Paul campus, and I was about 10 minutes late for my final exam. If you live off-campus, please secure the ways to get to campus. It is very possible that you take your final on Saturday, and you do not want to get extra stress from transportation.


Sometimes you might have extremely busy days. I used to stay in library everyday with thick black coffee as company until date changes. Good or not, study places in some libraries are open until 3AM or 24 hours even. I was staying in Bio-Medical library until 3, and walked back to my apartment on West bank. In fact, I didn't get in any trouble this day, but I found that there were some crime alerts near my apartment. I do not stay this late anymore, but if you are a night owl and stay on campus late, you may want to request campus escort service when you go home.


Maybe you are smart enough to avoid these situations, but if you are new in the U.S., you will experience some difficulties or problems that only international students do. I exposed some of my foolish experiences, but I hope you won't get into troubles!

Campus life 101

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Hi all!
I have to say, tonight was an awesome night for me.
I am taking campus orchestra class, and tonight we had a concert at Ted mann concert hall. We played Suppe, Berlioz, Wagner, and Holst.
It was a great night. If you are interested in finding out more events on Twin Cities campus, you can visit the website. For tonight concert, pictures are coming up soon!

But besides the great concert, what do I want to talk about today?
I'd like to go back to campus life 101, and I'd like to talk about health insurance and how to select classes. I am sure that all these topics (and other topics on our AWESOME blog are relevant to you all) are very relevant to all of you.
That is why I am here to help you to figure out.

So first of all, health insurance.
How to get one, and how much is it ?
Once you arrive in Minneapolis, unless you already purchased insurance, you have to purchase insurance as an International student. All International students are strongly recommended to purchase one from U of M. This program is part of student health benefit plan. You can review whether you need one or not by going through website, and look up the right side. Also you can visit ISSS office website.
How much is it? For each semester, International student has to pay $950 (at least this year it was). Most of the medical bills will be covered by the insurance, and sometimes you will have to pay the very small amount in case if the insurance cannot cover everything. But this is one of good ways to have insurance and use it whenever you need to go to have emergency care or see doctor.

Finally, how do I know which classes are for me?
I remember that in my freshman year, I had many questions regarding to what kinds of classes I had to take. I wasn't sure what area I wanted to study, so I wasn't sure which classes to take. I went to see my advisers, talk to professors, but I still had some problems. So one way I would recommend to all of you is taking freshman seminars! I know if you are not already admitted to U, you cannot look up some classes through onestop registration. So what you can do to look up for some classes is by visiting OFYP office website. They every year provide brochure for students to look up 2011-2012FreshmanSeminars.pdf. I attached a pdf file for 2011-2012, so you can look up! :-) This way you can learn a bit about the interesting area that you'd like to study, and see whether you'd like to continuously take the courses. If you are already admitted students, but still have some problems, I am sure this brochure can still help you. If you register for certain classes and decide to drop it after take it for several days, you can do that too. There are several registration guidelines that you have to follow, however. If you registered, and need to change regarding to register, you also need to look up here. If you still are looking for what classes to take, you can go visit classes search tool website to see more options that can help you to select classes. Make sure, if you are already admitted, check what to prepare before registration too. Each students have different registration rules to follow and different time.

Too many information to digest?
Don't worry, you can still ask us some questions if you need some help.
Don't forget that you can visit our ISA blog (undergraduate blog and graduate blog), and either leave comments or e-mail us.

Next time, I will come back with how to get on campus jobs.
If you are already in U.S, please do enjoy your own Halloween~ :-)

halloween photos.jpg


Research - Time to Let Your Passion Speak

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Please imagine yourself,

You just had a fateful encounter with a discipline that you want to spend your four years for. You are so engaged in this area of study that it is so exciting to find news articles about it, and you cannot stop spending leisure thinking and talking with your classmates about the related subjects. When it comes to class projects, you devote yourself and spend extra effort on those. You almost want to marry your major, but you know it's legally, physically and ethically, impossible. Too bad...

The way I decided my major was not this dramatic, but one thing I recommend you is to express your love for what you study through research.


Independent Study
One possibility is to take a credit for research. This is called independent (or directed) study. You need to find a professor who agrees to let you work in his/her research. You earn one credit for this and write a research paper based on your hypothesis and findings.

Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP)
The name looks self-explanatory, but UROP is an one-semester-long program that provides you salary and opportunities to explore your interest and present your research project.

Below is how you can apply for UROP.

If you are already in a lab
If you are already working or volunteering in a lab, there is nothing to hesitate. Go to your professor to discuss the possibility of making a project for UROP.

If you do not belong to a lab
I was in this situation. You need to find somebody who will like you enough to let you be a part of his/her research, and this will be the hardest part even before you apply for UROP.
You might talk to your professors that you take classes with. When I joined the UROP, I talked to my professor and asked if there was an on-going or new research project and possibility to take a small fraction for UROP.

Now you can start application process!

Application Process
~research proposal~
Whether you know about how to research or not, UROP office wants you to write a short research proposal in which you explain what you want to find through research, how you will find, what you expect to find, and why your research is so important that the UROP wants to pay for it.

~Other application materials~
Then, you need to submit your personal information and how much you will spend and how you use a semester to finish your project.

~After applying~
Be patient. It will take about 8-10 weeks to hear back. When you almost forget about the fact that you applied, you will receive an e-mail from them.


If you are accepted, congratulations! Now you will do whatever you dreamt to do, make a poster to show off what you did, and speak in public at the end of a semester. This final symposium usually takes place in Grate Hall in Coffman Memorial Union where you will see the rest of the UROP participants from all the colleges.

During research, you will find tons of things that you cannot learn in class. It is the front line of any disciplines and a place you will find people who are so much into the area of study like you. If you are so much driven to discover, I am sure you will have a great experience☺

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce the biggest event among the international students is coming up! It will be presented by MISA which is Twin Cities' largest and the most active cultural organization, dedicated to bringing students from backgrounds across the globe together.

Where: Great Hall, Coffman Union
When: Saturday, 5th, November, 6-10 pm


Have you ever been to the Feast of nations?

13 different student organizations will participate and collaborate together for the biggest culture event in University of Minnesota. You will experience the diversity through mingling with people who have different cultural backgrounds. Also, they are preparing cultural shows to celebrate and appreciate all the different cultures at the U of M!

What can we expect?
1. Runway with Cultural Costumes!

fashion show3.jpg
fashion how.jpg

Haven't you curious about traditional cultural costumes from different countries? You can meet models with dazzling cultural costumes from around the world! Many of models are actually students at U of M, so you might able to see familiar faces on the runway!

2. Talent Shows

talent show.jpg
talent show2.jpg

Also, you can see what other students have prepared for you. A talent show is an event where participants perform their talent or talents of acting, singing, dancing, acrobatics, drumming, martial arts, playing an instrument, and other activities to show a unique form of talent.

3. Culture Food


new food.jpg

You can have exploration of culture through food. What we eat, how we acquire it, who prepares it, who's at the table, and who eats first is a form of communication that is rich with meaning. Also, this is good chance for you to try new food from new culture. You never know! You may find your new favorite dish at Feast of nations!

4. Meeting new friends!


new mingle.jpg

This is also a great chance for you to meet new people from different culture. You can simply initiate a small talk with people who just sit next to you. When different cultures are mingled, there are so many interesting things to share. Let's celebrate diversity!

ALSO, please check out their YouTube video :D

Welcome to Seol's Pre-Campus Life 101

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Welcome back!
I wanted to talk a little bit about two things before I tell you all about how fun the school life, and campus life!
Two things are...
1. What should I do?! I just arrived at the airport!
2. Mr. Housing and Residential life, where should I live?

So before we jump right into the campus life 101, let me tell you my first day at U.
I still remember the day I came to U of M. It was night when I arrived here from South Korea, and I was lucky that I had somebody who helped me to move in. But I know many International students don't have any relatives or friends to ask when they first arrive at St. Paul International Airport (MSP). So how can they come to campus? Of course there are many options of taking bus, train, or taxi, but there is another option, better option, that you can choose!

Gopher Chauffeur is a good way to arrive on campus free. The program is through Boynton health service . This program, unfortunately, is only available right before the semester begins. For more informational, you can contact Julie Sanem, Advisor( At least now, you don't have to worry how to get here.

Now you are arrived on campus, do you have any specific resident hall or apartment on your mind? If you do not, don't worry! We have plenty places where students can live. We have Bailey Hall (St. Paul campus), Comstock Hall (East bank), Middlebrook hall (West bank), Sanford Hall, Centennial Hall (SuperBlock), Frontier Hall (SuperBlock, freshman-only living), Pioneer Hall (SuperBlock), and Territorial Hall (SuperBlock, freshman-only living) as a residential hall. We also have on campus apartment buildings, and University Village, Roy Wilkins Hall, and Mark G. Yudof Hall are the apartment buildings. Every buildings have unique advantages, and as for the International student I would strongly suggest to go over each website. If you are arriving earlier, then Centennial hall has International Reception Center program where you can apply to make reservations to stay there for several nights. I believe the cost is $21 per night, and it is better to stay there. I myself arrived U this year one week earlier for pre-welcome week training for welcome week leaders (through OFYP- orientations and first-year programs). I had many suitcases, and I wasn't feeling comfortable going hotel by myself. Besides hotels can be very expensive... One thing that I recommend is that when you choose where to live, make sure whether your-choice residential hall opens during breaks. If you live in apartment, you don't have to worry, but each residential hall has different schedule of opening. For example, Middlebrook hall opens during winter break without any additional cost, but comstock hall isn't. I attached the file Detail information.pdf that you can review the appropriate information regarding to this (p. 23&24). So please check out if you are interested in! :-)

One quick note: you can preview the meal plan and board rate by going... here!

I hope you found great help from here!
The weather is getting cooler, so take care and don't forget to visit us back later for campus life 101!

bailey copy.jpg Bailey
jpg Middlebrook
sanford.jpg Sanford
UofM_Centennial-221Thum-9774.jpg Centennial
2.jpgRoy Wilkins Hall
yudof.jpgYudof hall
...and finally University Village!

Please understand that I couldn't find the right images for super-block...

I am delighted to write about my college today, the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS). I hope this lengthy name didn't overwhelm you.

The season for Farmers Market is over, but you can still get fresh local products. Two departments at CFANS open dairy and meat sales every week in Andrew Boss Laboratory-Meat Science building on St. Paul campus.

Dairy SaleroomIMG_1113.JPG
As a Nutrition student, I really want you to visit our Dairy Salesroom! The room is run by the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. There are wide selection of cheese. They are all frech, rich and creamy. Also, you will be impressed by the various flavors of ice cream. (Gopher Gold is my favorite. I want to try Pumpkin Pie, but they run out so quickly...)
All the products are made at University of Minnesota by students, faculty and staff. They announce special items of the week on the website, too.

Dairy Salesroom
Open: Wednesday, 3-5pm
Location: Room 166 Andrew Boss Lab of Meat Science (ABLMS)
*they only take CASH.

Meat Lab Sales RoomHeavyTable-UofM-Meatlab1.jpeg
After you pick up items from the Dairy Salesroom, you can also stop at the Meat Lab Sales Room in the same building. They also open on Wednesday, but you can contact them to order and arrange days and time. The Department of Animal Science produces beef, pork, lamb, poultry, veal, sausage and a lot more. You do not need to go to a meat product section in a grocery store because you can find a whole variety of meat here on campus. I have made a lamb skewers, which tasted wonderful. They also provide recipes to give some ideas for your dinner!

Meat Lab Sales Room
Open: Wednesday, 2-5pm (or contact for other days/hours)
Location: Room 26 Andrew Boss Lab of Meat Science (ABLMS)

Many people graduate without knowing much about St. Paul campus, but you should come to try the University of Minnesota original foods! You can just hop on a campus connector from Minneapolis, and you will arrive in 25 minutes. I hope these sales become reasons to come to St. Paul:)

Hey all!

When I fisrt arrived to Minnesota as a college student it was probably when the most extreme weather conditions were taking place. It was REALLy cold out since it was January but It all seemed so exciting and new that I did not mind it for one second. It was my first time seeing snow!!! You know being from a place where its 70 degrees (F) and about 20 (C) all year round it was a DIFFERENT experience. And that just memory of getting off the plane on a cold cold night with NO IDEA of what was there to come is what I will never forget. It always brings me the thrill and thought of a new adventure.

Three years later here I am loving my major and the twin cities overall. Having adapted to any kind of change school and social wise is what I will always be proud of. And to all upcoming students who are concerned about not knowing what to expect of a new place. I can tell you that THAT is the best part of it! exploring, travelling, knowing new and completely different people is what is best of the experience. I can tell you this because I have lived it and I enjoy everday of it.

Thanks for reading and I will be more than happy to answer any concerns you want to ask about!.



Student Life

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University of Minnesota is a huge place with a vibrant community. If you are someone who is not only into reading this school is a right place for you. University of Minnesota has more than 400 groups organizations and associations ,ranging from the skydiving club to the Union of Students Speaking Russian. Everybody can find something which really makes him or her excited.

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