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Hello everyone,
Last time I compared the 4 big supermarkets around U, today, I want to talk about some smaller stores that are much closer to the U, which means most of them are walkable or easier access to be reached. They are CVS, LUNDS and another one is an online grocery store which called "Gopher Grocery"
What makes LUNDS special?Well, first of all is its organic products. All fruit and vegetables in LUNDS are organic, and other product such as fishes and meat are promised to be fresh.Based on that, the price of LUNDS is higher than other supermarkets. For example, one pound of shrimp may charge $7.99 in Target while in LUNDS the price might be $11.99. However, for other common products such as Maid Minutes Orange Juice, the price is the same as other markets.
Another feature of LUNDS is the delicious food. There's a variety of food, from meat balls to signature fried chicken. and they are charged by weight, $7.99 per pound so if you are smart enough, you can get more kinds of food with less money.
As it is showed in google map, LUNDS is very close to Dinky town neighborhood.walk along the SE 4th St. LUNDS is on the left side.
In a word, because of the higher price, it might be a good idea to treat ourselves after midterm festival or when there's some bigger events.
Category: Grocery store
Price:Higher than average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7 Open: No

I don't think it's necessary to say too much about CVS, that's the nearest one around the U---located on University Ave. near dinky town, across the street there's McDonald's.
The feature of CVS is the pharmacy. CVS does have licensed pharmacist to assistance customers to find the right medicines. But CVS doesn't have fresh food in stock.
There's another CVS in Midway shopping center area which is open 24/7. But please be aware of that it is super dangerous to go there during at late night( well it's not safe to go out at late night anywhere...)
Category:Convenient store
Price: About average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7 Open: No for the one in Dinky town, yes for the one in Midway shopping center

Gopher Grocery
Because of the hyperborean weather in Minnesota, it is still hard to talk a 5mins walk to CVS in snow carrying heavy or big daily goods. It is said that the lazy will find the easiest way to do work, I'm lazy enough so I offer you a way I do shopping, which is an online grocery store called Gopher Grocery.
Here's the link to its webpage Gopher Grocery.
Just enter the zip code of the living area, then happy online grocery shopping starts!!
The choices vary from daily goods to fresh food. but the most amazing feature of gopher grocery is they deliver!!Just pay for $2 and they will deliver your order next day and the if the order is over $100, they deliver it for free!!
Name: Gopher Grocery
Category:Online Convenient store
Price: Average
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7: Like amazon, hah
So to sum up again, to buy super fresh chicken, go to LUNDS. Go to CVS to find fried chicken and then at home, order chicken online from gopher grocery.
Next time, I will mainly talk about the international markets for example Asian markets.
To be continued.

Hello, this is Tony's speaking.
OK, this time, I'd like to talk about 4 supermarkets the U of M student usually go, since shopping for grocery is inevitable for our daily lives.

There are 4 main big supermarket around the U, Target, Walmart, Rainbow, and Cub foods. They are big in size so there's always a wide range of selections. They all stick together located in Midway shopping center on the University Ave. in St. Paul (don't freak out, remember I've told you Minneapolis and St Paul are fairly close to each others.) Take the Bus No. 16 heading to St Paul, and these 3 supermarkets are just on the way.
Screen-shot above shows the direction from Jones Hall, U of M to Super target as well as other markets by bus.
However, the "big four" are so different from each other.
As a leading supermarket enterprise, Target can be considered as a multitask market. Its products range from daily grocery to furniture, from digital products to fresh food. Almost anything you need can be purchased in Target, especially this Super Target in Saint Paul("Can I get a car there?""Of course! and you can place it on your desk, toys are always on sale in target!!")And also this Target is the Super Target that held the Welcome Week activity "Target Run"( "Gee, it's an nightmare shopping during the target run, people were everywhere from no where""well, I got a lot of free toothpaste and it took me a year to use them up....")
There's another target located in downtown Minneapolis, which is more closer to U campus. Again, take Bus No. 16 but heading to Minneapolis downtown direction, get off the bus at Nicolet Mall stop, and take a walk to the Target market(or take bus No. 10 or 18, but it's not that far.)
Name: Target
Category: Multitask market
Price: About average
Recommendation:High recommended
24/7 open:No

Walmart is just like Target, another big supermarket featured with their cheap daily goods in a relatively low price. I bought a bike which cost me $70 while in Target it was priced $120.
But the differences from Target is Walmart doesn't have any fresh food or vegetables in stock. The more they offered are microwave food or oven food.
Category: Supermarket
Price: Relatively lower, always on sale.
Recommendation: Recommended.
24/7 Open:No

Rainbow is the first market you will see when you riding a bus on the University Ave to St Paul. Rainbow is also a supermarket but not as "multitask" as Target. Its feature is the variety of food. Fresh pork, ribs; beef, lamb, fishes, chicken; vegetables, fruits and other category of microwave food. ("Gee, there's too many, I can't choose which one to buy....")

Name: Rainbow
Category: Food market
Price: Relatively low
Recommendation: Recommended
24/7 Open: No

Cub Foods
Here comes my favorite market, Cub Foods!("I thought it's Target""I'll explain..") Cub Foods is just like Rainbow, it provides a variety of food; the difference is, it's open 24/7!!!
for night people like me, that the most attractive part! and also, the price is relatively low too!!

Name: Cub Foods
Category: Food Market
Price: Low
Recommendation: Highly recommended
24/7 Open: YES "24 Hours for saving" and they meant it!!!

To sum up:
Target---Good in general owning to its bigger scale of the company.
Walmart---Good market for cheaper grocery( and Bike!!)
Rainbow---focus on food
Cub Foods---focus on food but open 24/7!!
So, to answer the title question, buy chicken in either Target or Rainbow at day time, go Cub Foods at night, lol
Today I shared my own experience about the "big four" markets that are popular for U of M students, for next Episode, I will talk more about some smaller but still pretty nice markets!

Live long and prosper to the infinity and beyond!

To be continued...

Healthy diet

Eating is definitely one of the greatest pleasures in life, but we should never forget it is also the main key to a healthy life. I indeed forgot about this little detail when I moved away from home, and learned the hard way; gaining sixty pounds and getting very sick!
Indeed the pleasure of eating cup ramen every lunch, mac n' cheese every night and McDonalds everytime you feel like sounds glorious to some, and it is sometimes the easiest way to feed ourselves on the go. But making it a habit without realizing its consequences might be one of the most foolish things you can do while adapting to a life away from home, away from mom and grandma.
It is important to know nutrition basics, and I have to say, I am no nutritionist so I will only share what my doctors told me. And hopefully you won't have to get sick to start having some healthy and good habits. First of all, weight and figure is not the only reason why we should eat healthy. As full time students we need to always keep a good energy level and good health so we can survive long days of classes, and homework.
So here are the basic tips that were given to me:

  • Eat vegetables. Make sure vegetables cover at least half of your plate. Vegetables are low in calories, can be extremely delicious if you learn a couple of ways to cook them with the spices you like. Also try to buy them fresh since some vegetables loose some of their benefits if they're not fresh.
  • Eat at least two small fruits or a cup of cut fruit a day, between meals. Whenever you think your body is craving sugar it would actually be best if you eat fruit. Fruit have a bunch of vitamins, and help your body stay healthy but too many will not cover all of your dietary needs.
  • And here's one of the hardest for me! Avoid sugars, either reduce them drastically or if you're brave enough avoid them completely. Our body does not need fructose corn syrup or white sugar believe it or not. And it is one of the main ways in which we can harm our liver, and other organs that are not ready for it. (That's what happened to me ;( ) What I do now is I don't eat pastries, but once a week if any.
  • Make sure that at least a quarter of your plate is protein! Even if you are a vegetarian it's important to keep this proportion in your diet. You can eat grains high in protein, tofu or if you do eat meat just make sure you have protein regularly.
  • Drink water! There are different number of glasses different doctors and nutriotionists recommend, but just make sure you have at least six glasses a day even when you are not working out. It help with circulation and digestion.
  • Remember alcohol is a sugar! It has a lot of calories and definitely affects your liver. Drink moderately, to make sure you will be able to enjoy it longer and in a healthier way.
But I know our lives are already crazy without worrying about food and that our time is limited. So organizing our days and making sure we take time to take care of our healthy foods is crucial. So you have to make a decision and do it with discipline even when you're tired. Here are the things I came up with to change my routine and give my body a break. By the way, my health improved greatly!
  • Always keep apples or other small fruits in my backpack so I don't get hungry and eat chips or cookies. So I eat something healthy, but still eat when I'm hungry.
  • Leave beans already cooked to just warm up if I don't have time to cook every night.
  • Keep healthy snacks like granola bars, dry fruits, etc... at home all the time.
  • Pick healthy frozen food options. They're not the best, but if you choose ahead of time knowing that you won't be able to cook every day is better than getting greasy and unhealthy options.
  • Leave some meats marinated or prepared just for you to cook so it's not time consuming, but it is still fresh and yummy!
Don't eat at restaurants all the time even if you have money for that. The portions and preparation of all their food are not necessarily healthy and we can't consciously take charge of our healthy if we have other people cook for us all the time.

Awesome places where I visited.

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Hi all!
We survived the long winter break, and I am back to Minneapolis from a long trip.
I went to Las Vegas, Los Angeles , and San Francisco.
I had a great time with my dear friend, Meng, and her parents.
I somehow missed here in Minneapolis very much. Now I am back, I am so busy with
my new semester schedule. However, time to time when I am tired I'd like to re-visit
places that I went before. Those places were so awesome, I'd like to share three places today.

1. During the short autumn, we have a gorgeous weather and outside feels so nice.
Even though now it is too cold to go there, time to time during nice weather day I'd like to go 'wilde roast cafe' at riverplace to enjoy their gelato (Italian ver. Ice Cream) . Their gelato are really good to rid of your too-much-help stresses, and they have happy hour Mon-Fri 3:3-6:30 for half-priced tap beer, wine by the glass, and all appetizers! YUM!

2. Also, have you been to 'big bowl' restaurant?
It is located in Rosedale shopping center in Roseville. If you like spicy foods or fusion Asian foods, you will LOVE there! Also, after you finish your dinner with your friends, you can walk around the shopping center. It is definitely smaller than MOA , but they have various good shopping stores, including A&F, Apple, American Eagles, Hollister, etc...

3. Now you all heard about places where you can eat, I am introducing 'Walker art museum' and 'Minneapolis Sculpture Garden'. The garden is located next to museum. It is part of Walker art museum. They have cherry spoon!!! (actually the artwork name is Spoonbridge and Cherry, 1985-1988). Anyway, this is a place where I'd love to go once a while when I have too many thoughts to process. During spring, summer, and autumn, it is awesome to walk around the garden. Museum itself also have many artworks including special exhibitions. They have a conservatory too. Check out these places~! The garden admission is free, and they open daily, 6 am-12 midnight. Cowles Conservatory admission is also free. And they open Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am-5 pm; closed Monday. You can review Walker art museum visit info by visiting their website. These places are worthwhile to visit.

Today is really cold!!! Take care all!
And see you next time~ > <

Favorite Places

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안녕하세요, Hello, 你們好,こんばんは。

WOW! I cannot believe this is almost the end of year. I once again realized how fast the time goes by. As I've been living on big campus several years, I realized that finding my own favorite places are important during school year. Around the campus, there are many places I love, but for tonight hopefully I can share some, at least.

1. For Study.
Yes, I have to read a LOT for psychology major and sometimes when I am so tired after all the night classes I don't want to go back to my room because I know I will fall asleep.
So then, I look for places for study. We have many libraries.
1) Walter library at East bank,
2) Wilson library at West bank,
3) and Magrath library at St.Paul campus).
Today, I am introducing bio-medical library at moos tower.
What make unique about this place?

  • Library itself opens until 3 A.M and the tower opens 24 hours! (enter b/f 10 P.M)

  • During final week, the library opens 24/7! (It's already started)

  • Have printer, copy machines, and even quiet room for group study.


Another place is starbucks. We have two starbucks on campus, but the Coffman union starbucks closes early (7 P.M) and the building itself closes early too. For whom who wants to study at the place where they also can have some delicious coffee, go to starbucks on Washington Ave! It's next to radisson hotel. This starbucks location open until12 AM, and they just finished their renovation so there should be a plenty of spaces where you can sit! ;) The picture I attached only shows 2/3 of the place.
Check out this place!
2. Where do I go to hang out with my friends?
I go to ...
1) Starbucks
2) chilly billy's
(frozen yogurt place. This place now has happy hour during Mon, Wed, Thurs, and Fri between 3-6.)
3) Pagoda Chinese restaurant (中國餐館~).
This place is my FAV Chinese restaurant on campus! They have karaoke place too~
4) MOA (Mall of America).
5) For musical or opera, go to orpheum theatre at downtown Minneapolis or
6) Gutherie theatre. They have great selection of musical/ opera.

Finding places while you study at U and in America is very important. You want to make sure you feel home-like comfortable and you would feel happier if you know where to go to make yourself feel better. Good luck during final weeks, and hopefully my little information helped all of you!

다음에 또 만나요, bye bye, 再見, さよなら~。

P.S If you are already in Minnesota, have you gone to holidazzle in downtown Minneapolis? This year is their 20th season, and as always they are doing amazing parade at Nicollet Mall area from 12th street to 4th street. It was started this year on Nov. 25th, and they are ending it on 18th of this month! It is very fun. So if you get tired during studying it may be a good idea to visit.
You can visit this website and see last year parade video! :-)

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Hi everyone!
Do you know what day it is today?
In the U.S., today, November 24th, is Thanksgiving Day.
You may know, but Thanksgiving is America's traditional holiday.
Usually, family members get together and enjoy feast together.
The main dish of Thanksgiving feast is, of course, turkey!!


I stayed in my friend's house on my first Thanksgiving and helped cooking, but it took us almost entire day to roast a turkey.


We prepared lots of food and kept eating. Then, we watched movies on TV. Yes, this day is not to be very productive...


On Thanksgiving, shops and restaurants are closed, so you just stay at home and spend time with your friends and family. They might discuss a plan for Black Friday (This is a big sale day in malls and stores.)
I hope you got an idea of Thanksgiving in the U.S.!

I am delighted to write about my college today, the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS). I hope this lengthy name didn't overwhelm you.

The season for Farmers Market is over, but you can still get fresh local products. Two departments at CFANS open dairy and meat sales every week in Andrew Boss Laboratory-Meat Science building on St. Paul campus.

Dairy SaleroomIMG_1113.JPG
As a Nutrition student, I really want you to visit our Dairy Salesroom! The room is run by the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. There are wide selection of cheese. They are all frech, rich and creamy. Also, you will be impressed by the various flavors of ice cream. (Gopher Gold is my favorite. I want to try Pumpkin Pie, but they run out so quickly...)
All the products are made at University of Minnesota by students, faculty and staff. They announce special items of the week on the website, too.

Dairy Salesroom
Open: Wednesday, 3-5pm
Location: Room 166 Andrew Boss Lab of Meat Science (ABLMS)
*they only take CASH.

Meat Lab Sales RoomHeavyTable-UofM-Meatlab1.jpeg
After you pick up items from the Dairy Salesroom, you can also stop at the Meat Lab Sales Room in the same building. They also open on Wednesday, but you can contact them to order and arrange days and time. The Department of Animal Science produces beef, pork, lamb, poultry, veal, sausage and a lot more. You do not need to go to a meat product section in a grocery store because you can find a whole variety of meat here on campus. I have made a lamb skewers, which tasted wonderful. They also provide recipes to give some ideas for your dinner!

Meat Lab Sales Room
Open: Wednesday, 2-5pm (or contact for other days/hours)
Location: Room 26 Andrew Boss Lab of Meat Science (ABLMS)

Many people graduate without knowing much about St. Paul campus, but you should come to try the University of Minnesota original foods! You can just hop on a campus connector from Minneapolis, and you will arrive in 25 minutes. I hope these sales become reasons to come to St. Paul:)

Happy Lunar New Year

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Hi guys,

How are you? Hope you all had a good winter break and enjoy the new semester! (maybe not the homework huh?) As we all know, it was Lunar New Year last week and according to Chinese tradition, I should eat dumplings--so, I made dumplings!DSCF1248.JPG

My Program

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Hey guys,

How have you been? MN is getting seriously cold soon and I'm glad it's sunny this weekend. In this blog, I will introduce you the program I'm in, and hope it can help you get a better idea of it and U of M.

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