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Awesome places where I visited.

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Hi all!
We survived the long winter break, and I am back to Minneapolis from a long trip.
I went to Las Vegas, Los Angeles , and San Francisco.
I had a great time with my dear friend, Meng, and her parents.
I somehow missed here in Minneapolis very much. Now I am back, I am so busy with
my new semester schedule. However, time to time when I am tired I'd like to re-visit
places that I went before. Those places were so awesome, I'd like to share three places today.

1. During the short autumn, we have a gorgeous weather and outside feels so nice.
Even though now it is too cold to go there, time to time during nice weather day I'd like to go 'wilde roast cafe' at riverplace to enjoy their gelato (Italian ver. Ice Cream) . Their gelato are really good to rid of your too-much-help stresses, and they have happy hour Mon-Fri 3:3-6:30 for half-priced tap beer, wine by the glass, and all appetizers! YUM!

2. Also, have you been to 'big bowl' restaurant?
It is located in Rosedale shopping center in Roseville. If you like spicy foods or fusion Asian foods, you will LOVE there! Also, after you finish your dinner with your friends, you can walk around the shopping center. It is definitely smaller than MOA , but they have various good shopping stores, including A&F, Apple, American Eagles, Hollister, etc...

3. Now you all heard about places where you can eat, I am introducing 'Walker art museum' and 'Minneapolis Sculpture Garden'. The garden is located next to museum. It is part of Walker art museum. They have cherry spoon!!! (actually the artwork name is Spoonbridge and Cherry, 1985-1988). Anyway, this is a place where I'd love to go once a while when I have too many thoughts to process. During spring, summer, and autumn, it is awesome to walk around the garden. Museum itself also have many artworks including special exhibitions. They have a conservatory too. Check out these places~! The garden admission is free, and they open daily, 6 am-12 midnight. Cowles Conservatory admission is also free. And they open Tuesday-Sunday, 10 am-5 pm; closed Monday. You can review Walker art museum visit info by visiting their website. These places are worthwhile to visit.

Today is really cold!!! Take care all!
And see you next time~ > <

Need friends????

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Hello, how is everybody doing? Today is sunshine but chilly here. I kinda like it because the cold air can always refresh me:D.

One thing that I want to share and discuss with you today is about making friend. I was struggling with it when I first came here, I always ask myself: who should I hang out with on weekend?? It feels like back to my first day in high school. I met my classmates with no idea who they are, wanted to kill the silence but didn't know how. But later on, I became best friends with my high school classmates. Is my experience sounds familiar to you. In college, it is a little bit different though. It is because we have different classmates in every different courses so it is a little bit hard to become "best best" friends with them BUT classmates are the best candidate to become your study buddies.(by the way, it is always a good choice to form a study group with your classmates to study for exams.)
However, I would say it is easier for us to make friends in the University of Minnesota because we have so much resources for YOU to get to know people.

1. Welcome Week
It is a seven-day activities for incoming freshmen. If you are current student already, why not apply for being a welcome week leader for Fall 2015. Every day in welcome week has different theme to get to know our campus and campus resources. It was an wonderful week for me. I met my best friend and a lot of good friends during the welcome week. It was also a great opportunity to learn more about American culture, I heard a speech from our football coach, tried different American or Mexican food everyday and went to Mall of American at midnight. It was like a wild paradise for me. I liked my welcome week a lot and then I became a welcome week leader this summer. Again I had so much fun and made a lot of friends. One of my friends I met there is our ambassadors Seol, she was welcome week leader too. See, welcome week is a great opportunity for you to make friends and to have fun.

can you find me in the pic? probably not, I cannot find myself neither.......
welcome jpg

2. Students organizations

Wanna find someone who has same interest with you. Join student groups on campus. We have lots of student organizations here in U of M, they are holding a lot of event during the semesters. You can always meet some people in the event and if you really like the group maybe try to get on the board. Good opportunity for practicing leadership skill

paint your group on the bridge
Paint the bridge 004.jpg
For me, I like learning Japanese so I joined a Japanese club here called AJI. I can practice my Japanese
and learn Japanese culture from other members in the group. See what we did last year:

best event ever!!! we have maid cafe annually. Come to the U and come to our event
maid cafe jpg

3. Maybe taking some interesting class.

I took Jazz Dance on my first semester here. That is right it is a course. I was so surprised that Jazz dance could be a course but actually it was a great course:D Most of the time, we were dance, but we also learn jazz history and watch some jazz related videos. At the end of the semester, we performed in a public theater with 60 audiences.

right before the performance with my dance buddies
The best part of the class is being called dancer, even though I just danced for a semester in my whole life. Everything in here is possible, and in here my American dream will come true if I try hard enough.

I believe you will enjoy your college life in the University of Minnesota. At least, you have already have me and all of our International Student Ambassadors as your friends.

This is my personal experience about how to make friends here. If you have any other great ideas that you want to share, leave me a comment:D

Hello everyone!

I'm happy to announce the biggest event among the international students is coming up! It will be presented by MISA which is Twin Cities' largest and the most active cultural organization, dedicated to bringing students from backgrounds across the globe together.

Where: Great Hall, Coffman Union
When: Saturday, 5th, November, 6-10 pm


Have you ever been to the Feast of nations?

13 different student organizations will participate and collaborate together for the biggest culture event in University of Minnesota. You will experience the diversity through mingling with people who have different cultural backgrounds. Also, they are preparing cultural shows to celebrate and appreciate all the different cultures at the U of M!

What can we expect?
1. Runway with Cultural Costumes!

fashion show3.jpg
fashion how.jpg

Haven't you curious about traditional cultural costumes from different countries? You can meet models with dazzling cultural costumes from around the world! Many of models are actually students at U of M, so you might able to see familiar faces on the runway!

2. Talent Shows

talent show.jpg
talent show2.jpg

Also, you can see what other students have prepared for you. A talent show is an event where participants perform their talent or talents of acting, singing, dancing, acrobatics, drumming, martial arts, playing an instrument, and other activities to show a unique form of talent.

3. Culture Food


new food.jpg

You can have exploration of culture through food. What we eat, how we acquire it, who prepares it, who's at the table, and who eats first is a form of communication that is rich with meaning. Also, this is good chance for you to try new food from new culture. You never know! You may find your new favorite dish at Feast of nations!

4. Meeting new friends!


new mingle.jpg

This is also a great chance for you to meet new people from different culture. You can simply initiate a small talk with people who just sit next to you. When different cultures are mingled, there are so many interesting things to share. Let's celebrate diversity!

ALSO, please check out their YouTube video :D

Calling all students! We want to tell you about an exciting opportunity to explore more of Minnesota. Do camping, canoeing, campfires under the stars, making great new friends, and going to see new places sound fun to you? If so, ISSS invites you to join our Wilderness Week program to northern Minnesota.

Dates are August 18-22, 2011. This will be a great chance to meet students from all over the world. All international and US students (new and returning) are eligible. This is your chance to try (or try again) canoeing, hiking and camping in Minnesota! Enjoy campfires, stories, and time to meet new friends before the semester begins.

The cost of the trip is $395.00 per person. This price includes transportation, meals, group equipment, and guides.

For information email, visit or call 612-626-7100.

Don't delay and miss your chance! When we talk with graduating students about what they wish they had done while at the U, exploring other areas of Minnesota and especially nature are top on the list.


Graduation Season

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It is already April -- who can believe it?!!

Everytime this year, students laugh, students cry, and it's all for the same reason--graduation. Honestly, you probably won't feel it until your graduation year. I definitely can feel it, because it is my year this time. I came in college in 2007, after four years, I could be graduating in the summer if I stayed in my college in China. Since I transferred to University of Minnesota, I need one extra semester to finish school. Though I'm not technically going to graduate in May, my mind still tells me this is my year -- Class of 2011, and it's going to be tough for me to see my classmates and friends leaving school.

A year ago, an 18-year-old girl left her country of 200,000 to arrive at a university of quarter of that population. For sure, this was the greatest challenge she had ever faced in her life. Imagine, she came to this huge country on her own leaving all her loved ones behind and being terrified of the future awaiting. Her mind was tangled with tons of questions regarding her future. But the most important one was "How will I make good friends, will I ever be able to find amazing people like those in my country?"

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