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4 Ways to Keep in Touch with Loved Ones :)

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Hey Everybody! I hope all of you guys are enjoying the festive season. Winter is already round the corner, which means that we get less time to spend outdoors. This is also the time when we start missing our families and friends, and seek alternative ways to keep in touch with them. In this blog I have shared some of the resources that could help you keep in contact with your loved ones.

Skype: It can make your living so easy as it lets you chat and video conference with your family and pals. These features are FREE as long as both the parties have access to the internet. In addition to that, skype also lets you make national and international calls at a fairly cheap rate.

Social networking websites: Websites like Facebook, MySpace and Orkut, have become more like a household name today. These websites let you share pictures, videos and messages with your friends and relatives. In addition to that you can even customize your privacy settings, and make your posts and pictures visible to only selected friends.

Emails: Very useful to keep in touch with those friends who don't own an account on any of the social networking websites. Emails are the best way to transfer large-sized files and folders to other people.

Phone: It is the most expensive option out of all. However, it can be really useful at times of emergency or when we don't have access to the internet. Companies such as AT&T, Verizon and Vonage offer international calling options from the United States.

Technology has truly made our lives simpler and easier by revolutionizing long-distance communication. I hope that you make full use of these resources to stay in touch with your loved ones :)

Happy Lunar New Year

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Hi guys,

How are you? Hope you all had a good winter break and enjoy the new semester! (maybe not the homework huh?) As we all know, it was Lunar New Year last week and according to Chinese tradition, I should eat dumplings--so, I made dumplings!DSCF1248.JPG