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An International Perspective

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Hi guys!

How's everything? The semester came to an end...for those of you who know the drill finals must be stressing, but if you keep your head up and running you will do just fine.
I hope this year has been a great experience for those of you who are gophers and for the prospective students, the U of M is a great place to learn and grow...As part of a project I put together a video with some cool pictures... I hope you enjoyed reading my posts and that you enjoy this short clip...

The "U", An International Perspective

Sincerely thanks!


A letter for my friend :)

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Dear, My beloved friend.

I know you are really scared now, because I was very scared at first too. I still remember the anxiety I felt at the Vancouver airport while waiting plane to transfer to Alberta. I was so tensed when I said hello to my host family for the first time. You will face a lot of difficulties you never expected when you are in your home country. Even, I was so nervous when I ordered coffee at the Starbucks for the first time. I wanted to order "white caramel macchiato" but because they couldn't understand my pronunciation I ended up order "just hot coffee please."

I was so embarrassed and upset about myself but, please my friend, don't be afraid. I want you to more brave and confident about yourself first. You are an international student and I know we are so proud of it. Just remember, you are a foreigner who wants to "learn" English. You don't have to be as perfect as like a native speaker of English. When you learn something, especially when you try to learn languages, making mistakes is so natural and important process. Don't be shy. If you are shy, you are just a nonnative speaker of English who are literally "at" the land of America. Don't forget why you are there.

Last thing, I want you to remember that you should learn how to love yourself. Actually, I'm still struggling with that too. Language is not like a math. What you know doesn't mean what you can do. People might treat you like an idiot just because you cannot speak English well, even though it is not true. Whenever I should face with the fact that I cannot be a native speaker, I try to love myself more. Please don't kick yourself for not being fluent in English. You will eventually be so much better.

I hope you feel better after reading this :)

Michelle Hyoeun Chun

Stressed = Desserts

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Hi all!
I totally did not realize how fast the time went by.
I thought today was still Friday... How's everybody doing?
I am sure you all are way more busier than I am.
The question is how do you manage your stress when you are stressed out.
Today I am going to write how I manage my stress.

retro_music_dryicons_600.jpg Listening music has been always my favorite thing to do when I am stressed out. I like to listen all kinds of musics. My mom is a piano professor, and my family except my dad (he is actually a really good singer, instead) play instruments (I play violin) so music has been very important in my life. Here are some recommendations either if you like to listen various kinds of musics.

- Borodin Polovtsian dances
- G. Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
- Debussy Clair de lune
- Dvorak Cello Concerto in b minor Op. 104

House music groups:
- Romantic couch (Korea)
- Capsules (Japan)

Some Asian singers/ groups:
- Leessang (Korea)
- 2PM (Korea)
- 2AM (Korea)
- 王力宏; Leehom Wang (Taiwan)
-周杰倫 Jay Chou (Taiwan)
- 175R (Japan)
- Misia (Japan)

...and so on Ikue Asazaki, Mr. Children, Orange Range, Radwimps, Spitz, and Shinna Ringo (All Japan).

Instrumental & Mics:
- Nujabes (Japan)
- Bajofondo (Argentina and Uruguay)
- Pink Martini
- Quasimode (Japan)
- Paprika OST

I am sure you all will find some good musics from my recommendations list.
I strongly recommend Nujabes and Pink Martini musics if you like instrumental musics or like to listen some kinds of musics that can calm you down.
If you like Jazz musics, Quasimode is a good group too.

As I mentioned, I like to listen music when I am stressed out. How about all of you?
When you feel like you are being stressed out, remember stressed can be sweet things like desserts if you appreciate them (Stressed and desserts are palindrome).


Time and Stress Management :o

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Hey there guys!!

Stress?......I know that as a college student, time management becomes a big concern, homework, projects and work can completely consume your time and Where does my social life go?. This does not have to be the case! All you need is to learn how to synchronize school with fun by balancing your schoolwork for the schooldays and try and get as much done as possible so you can enjoy your weekends... Personally at first I had no clue how to do this (and not so much now) but I always try to stick with this plan and enjoy the good days of a college life. Because once you are done you have to face REAL LIFE! And in my case it can be scary: 0. Anyway, whenever I can find some time to relax and enjoy , I like to go out with friends, try new places, go to concerts and try NEW FOOD! Minneapolis is a very Multicultural place and has a little of everything for everyone....They even have Mexican food (not the best) but it gets a little close =). My point is, don't get to overwhelmed with what school can appear to be, there is always a way to take advantage of both lives and LEARN TO BALANCE and you will have both fun and good grades!!!

In case you are having a panic attack because of this school mess try out some of the meditation classes offered at the can be the chillest person ever!!

Have a good one


Good Bye!

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Finally, the finals are done!! I feel so free now :)
But I am also sad because my best friends are graduating this week, and I'm writing a good bye message as an ambassador!! Thank you for visiting my blog and all your support! It was so great time to share my stories with you. I will go back to home next week, but if you guys have any question, please feel free to ask! If you guys are traveling out of country, don't forget to get a signature at ISSS office!

Hope you guys have a wonderful summer break and keep in touch ;)

Midterms, lab reports, projects, finals, booking flights for summer, looking for summer volunteering opportunities, getting ready for another refreshing break, excitement to see friends and family again, the bitter sweet feeling of leaving Minneapolis...Whoaaaaaaaa! Wait a minute! Is it the time to say "bye"? Is it the time for you to plan for your college life? Is it the time for you to prepare for opening the doors of a more mature, more responsibility-demanding, yet the best times of your life? Are you ready for that???!!! :)

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