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Hi everyone,

Final is coming in two weeks!!! Are you ready???
There are so many resources we can use for preparing finals.

1. I would say the most important resource for me is the study guide or practice exam which professor will hand out maybe 1~2 week before finals. I always follow the study guide to review my textbook. I took intro psychology class and we had study guide for each of our test( in total four exams) I answered each of the study guide questions for six or seven pages. But the good thing is the study guide questions really helped me to review each of the chapter and let me know the key points from each chapter. In that way, study guide really helped me prepared my final and it brought me a good result:D

2. go to professors office hour. Usually, instructors will have extra office hour before finals. some of the instructors hold review session for students. My suggestion is bring specific questions to the professor. A lot of instructors will go through the practice exam during the review session, some of the instructors will summarize each chapters. it really depends on different instructors. Usually, instructors will left 30 minutes or even more to answer students questions. So do waste your study time, bring questions to them.

3. go to tutor or TA. TA is a great resource to go for ask questions. They are students too and they can explain things really clear. Sometimes, I go for tutor on the second floor in Walter library or in the Wilson library. They are just as same as TA for me.

Recently, I talked to my little 12-year-old cousin in China. She was super confused about why I am so busy around final, and she said: come down, it is just final! You just need to study for it. How could that be hard." Okay.. I have to say she is kinda right but not absolutely right. Yes, I need to study really hard so that I can have a good grade. However, it is not just about final exams. There are something called presentation which I like but will spend me a lot of time to do it. I like it because it is a team work project. Usually, we do case study. It can help me to understand a company better. Also, we work as a group so it is easy to hear others ideas. The most important part is speak out to the public. I use to afraid of speaking in the public, and that is the reason I took public speaking class. However, after you did a few presentations, you will enjoy the feeling. It feels great to explain things to the whole class and the most exciting part is they listen so carefully and they may have questions for you. At that time, I feel like yeahhhh I am rock in the class!!!!!!!

Some classes have final paper due during final. My suggestion is start it early and go to the writing center for revising.

This is my suggestions for finals. Good luck everyone!! and for our cute little perspective students: be ready!! You will rock in the University!!!!

Travel in U.S.

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Hellooo everyone!!! How is going? it supposed to snow today but it didn't. Good thing is we've backing to the standard time since last Sunday, which means we have 1 hour extra daytime everyday. but it gets dark around 5:30pm now. Winter is around the corner!!!! and winter break afterward. haha..

Have you start to plan your winter break yet? Maybe it is too early to plan but I have already have mine. like usual TRAVEL!! I love travel around in the U.S. just as other international students do. I would say traveling is the one of the greatest things to do in the U.S. Going to the street that in the movie scene, tasting the local food, and enjoying the diversity in different states. My favorite place in America is definitely New York.

night view of Manhattan on the top of the empire building
This is the city, where you can see shooting movie in the corner of Wall street. like this:
and where you wait in the line for three hours for a Broadway ticket´╝Ü

Also, treat myself well on the trip is always my principle. I am a fish person, but in Midwest not so many people like seafood or we don't have that many seafood. So that is why I really appreciated my two days trip in Boston with my mom. They have the best lobster ever!! It is fresh and it is from Atlantic Ocean:

I am planning to go to Florida this winter break. Never been to South before. It must be very exciting and interesting trip.

Need friends????

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Hello, how is everybody doing? Today is sunshine but chilly here. I kinda like it because the cold air can always refresh me:D.

One thing that I want to share and discuss with you today is about making friend. I was struggling with it when I first came here, I always ask myself: who should I hang out with on weekend?? It feels like back to my first day in high school. I met my classmates with no idea who they are, wanted to kill the silence but didn't know how. But later on, I became best friends with my high school classmates. Is my experience sounds familiar to you. In college, it is a little bit different though. It is because we have different classmates in every different courses so it is a little bit hard to become "best best" friends with them BUT classmates are the best candidate to become your study buddies.(by the way, it is always a good choice to form a study group with your classmates to study for exams.)
However, I would say it is easier for us to make friends in the University of Minnesota because we have so much resources for YOU to get to know people.

1. Welcome Week
It is a seven-day activities for incoming freshmen. If you are current student already, why not apply for being a welcome week leader for Fall 2015. Every day in welcome week has different theme to get to know our campus and campus resources. It was an wonderful week for me. I met my best friend and a lot of good friends during the welcome week. It was also a great opportunity to learn more about American culture, I heard a speech from our football coach, tried different American or Mexican food everyday and went to Mall of American at midnight. It was like a wild paradise for me. I liked my welcome week a lot and then I became a welcome week leader this summer. Again I had so much fun and made a lot of friends. One of my friends I met there is our ambassadors Seol, she was welcome week leader too. See, welcome week is a great opportunity for you to make friends and to have fun.

can you find me in the pic? probably not, I cannot find myself neither.......
welcome jpg

2. Students organizations

Wanna find someone who has same interest with you. Join student groups on campus. We have lots of student organizations here in U of M, they are holding a lot of event during the semesters. You can always meet some people in the event and if you really like the group maybe try to get on the board. Good opportunity for practicing leadership skill

paint your group on the bridge
Paint the bridge 004.jpg
For me, I like learning Japanese so I joined a Japanese club here called AJI. I can practice my Japanese
and learn Japanese culture from other members in the group. See what we did last year:

best event ever!!! we have maid cafe annually. Come to the U and come to our event
maid cafe jpg

3. Maybe taking some interesting class.

I took Jazz Dance on my first semester here. That is right it is a course. I was so surprised that Jazz dance could be a course but actually it was a great course:D Most of the time, we were dance, but we also learn jazz history and watch some jazz related videos. At the end of the semester, we performed in a public theater with 60 audiences.

right before the performance with my dance buddies
The best part of the class is being called dancer, even though I just danced for a semester in my whole life. Everything in here is possible, and in here my American dream will come true if I try hard enough.

I believe you will enjoy your college life in the University of Minnesota. At least, you have already have me and all of our International Student Ambassadors as your friends.

This is my personal experience about how to make friends here. If you have any other great ideas that you want to share, leave me a comment:D

what business students do

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Hi. How is everyone doing? I just finished all of my midterms yesterday. Yeahhh!!!!

Beginning of the fall is the busiest time for business students. It is because we have career fair at the end of September. As I mentioned, the very important event for Carlson School of Management students is career fair, in which you can have a chance to meet over 100 companies such as: 3M, General Mills, Ersnt&Young. There are more and more companies coming to Carlson School of Management this year such as: Amazon, and Delta airline. Yes, from the little partial companies I listed you can see all of them are in Fortune 500. During the career fair, students dressed suit and tried to "sale" them out. Also, company recruiters would be there to observe good candidates who can fit their companies. I learned a lot from going to career fair.

From my personal experience, networking is a very important way to get to know companies and let companies get to know you. So the location become very important for business students. It just 3 bus stops from Carlson School to downtown Minneapolis. I even walk to downtown with my mom a few times this summer. It took us around 20 minutes to walk. Good exercise though:D Minneapolis is No.5 cities with 9 Fortune 500 companies. Chicago is right behind us. As a business student, I have great opportunity to network with business professions.

In a word, my life here is busy but happy since in here my dream will come true if I work hard enough:D

Nice to meet YOU

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Hey! I am Mengrou Cao, pronounce like Marilyn Monroe without the n:). My friends always call me Moro. I am Junior student in Carlson School of Management double major in Accounting and Supply Chain&Operation management. I am from Yunnan, China,which is located in the southwest of China. I have seen snow only three times before I came to Minnesota. This is one of the reason I chose University of Minnesota. I like Minnesota's winter because when it is snows, the world becomes brighter and quieter. Also, there are a lot of things to do in the winter here. I like making snow man and snow angle with my friends and my host family. Another exciting thing here is playing snowboard. I have to say I am totally falling in love with that sport. Look forward to seeing you in the U. Please feel free to leave me a comment if you have any question.


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