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Graduation Season

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It is already April -- who can believe it?!!

Everytime this year, students laugh, students cry, and it's all for the same reason--graduation. Honestly, you probably won't feel it until your graduation year. I definitely can feel it, because it is my year this time. I came in college in 2007, after four years, I could be graduating in the summer if I stayed in my college in China. Since I transferred to University of Minnesota, I need one extra semester to finish school. Though I'm not technically going to graduate in May, my mind still tells me this is my year -- Class of 2011, and it's going to be tough for me to see my classmates and friends leaving school.


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Well, Minnesota's winter is world-wide famous--big snow, freezing temperature, thick ice--sounds scary, huh? Haha, don't be scared, even it's cold here in the winter, people still have lots of ideas of having fun. ;)


Happy Lunar New Year

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Hi guys,

How are you? Hope you all had a good winter break and enjoy the new semester! (maybe not the homework huh?) As we all know, it was Lunar New Year last week and according to Chinese tradition, I should eat dumplings--so, I made dumplings!DSCF1248.JPG

Blog of the Week

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Make sure to check out our Blog of the Week winners :)

Week 1 (October 10 - 16, 2010): Choose UofM and Have the Best of Both Worlds! by Minji Kye

Week 2 (October 24 - 30, 2010): Is This the State of Being Overwhelmed by Questions?! by Sifa Sarica

Week 3 (November 7 - 13, 2010): What an Amazing Program! by ShinHyoung Choi

Week 4 (December 5 - 11, 2010): Build a Better Bridge by Mengyao Luan

Build a Better Bridge

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Time flies. The 2010-2011 International Student Ambassadors have been with you for almost 4 months, and we all enjoy the time sharing our experience with you. This is the last blog for this semester, and we will be back after winter break. 

My Program

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Hey guys,

How have you been? MN is getting seriously cold soon and I'm glad it's sunny this weekend. In this blog, I will introduce you the program I'm in, and hope it can help you get a better idea of it and U of M.

"How much?"

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While considering colleges, the cost of tuition and living expense is an area that matters as important as the others. So, "how much" does it cost to study in University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus? I'll take you to our Costs & Tuition website and share some experience of living expense with you today. :)

Why U of M?...!

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Before we applied for college, we must have done a lot of research on a lot of colleges. So, finally, we choose University of Minnesota, why? For the future students and potential students of U of M, let me tell you something unique about U of M and the reason I choose it!

Welcome to U of M!

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Hello y'all!

Welcome to the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities! My name is Mengyao Luan, an international transfer student from Qingdao, China. I'm doing Agricultural and Food Business Management major, which is in the Applied Economics department at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Sciences (CFANS).

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