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Good Bye!

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Finally, the finals are done!! I feel so free now :)
But I am also sad because my best friends are graduating this week, and I'm writing a good bye message as an ambassador!! Thank you for visiting my blog and all your support! It was so great time to share my stories with you. I will go back to home next week, but if you guys have any question, please feel free to ask! If you guys are traveling out of country, don't forget to get a signature at ISSS office!

Hope you guys have a wonderful summer break and keep in touch ;)

Had a great time in Las Vegas!

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Hello, everyone!!
It's already been 4th week since the semester began!! Time goes so fast! Today, I just want to share my story of winter break! I love traveling, so whenever I have a break, I go somewhere. I went to Las Vegas for 5 days. I had a really great time. :)
For this post, I'd better show many pictures of Las Vegas. You'll see the beauty of Las Vegas.

Blog of the Week

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What a amazing program!

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Hello~ everyone!
I can't believe the weather in Minnesota! It was supposed to snow alot in November. I heard it'll be snowy this weekend. Let's stay warm! :)
Anyway, today I'm going to introduce about my major, Human Resource Development in the College of Education and Human Development.

cehd.jpg(Click this picture to see the CEHD website! :D)

Have any question about U of M?

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Hello, everyone! :)
When you are choosing a university, you will have a lot of questions such as cost, class size, campus life, or even graduation planning. So, I'd like to give you some answers for these questions related to University of Minnesota.

I'm happy to come to U of M!

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Finding the best college that fits in you well is really important since university life may change your entire life. If you are looking for the best college, I'd like to recommend the University of Minnesota.


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Hello, all!!
I am Shin from South Korea. I am a junior, and it's been almost 3 years since I came to Minnesota. I was totally nervous when I first came here. Everything was people, new house, different language, and culture. However, now I feel I belong here in beautiful Minnesota.

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