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Midterms, lab reports, projects, finals, booking flights for summer, looking for summer volunteering opportunities, getting ready for another refreshing break, excitement to see friends and family again, the bitter sweet feeling of leaving Minneapolis...Whoaaaaaaaa! Wait a minute! Is it the time to say "bye"? Is it the time for you to plan for your college life? Is it the time for you to prepare for opening the doors of a more mature, more responsibility-demanding, yet the best times of your life? Are you ready for that???!!! :)

A Quick Glimpse on the Weather here in Minnesota

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In Fall 2009, during my first semester here at the U, I took Arab1101 (beginning Arabic 1) class. Ok, now you will ask me how this would relate to my weather experience here at the U! Well, read my blog for details! :p

A year ago, an 18-year-old girl left her country of 200,000 to arrive at a university of quarter of that population. For sure, this was the greatest challenge she had ever faced in her life. Imagine, she came to this huge country on her own leaving all her loved ones behind and being terrified of the future awaiting. Her mind was tangled with tons of questions regarding her future. But the most important one was "How will I make good friends, will I ever be able to find amazing people like those in my country?"

Blog of the Week

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Naturally selected to study here at the U! :)

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Hi there,

In this blog, I am going to explain some of the reasons behind my decision of majors. For a heads up, I am currently double majoring in Genetics and Microbiology! :)

Hey everyone,

As you go through your applications and your decision processes, I know that you are overwhelmed by tons of questions rocketing in your head! What... How...When...Where?!!!! As these questions are filling up your head, don't panic! Simply read my blog to get answers to at least some of these questions and feel free to email me from for further questions. :)


It is fall again with beautiful orange leaves all around us.. :) But wait, what other beauties does the U have here?

Getting to Know Each Other :)

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Hi Everyone!!!!!!
Another fabulous year at the "U" with international ambassadors is awaiting for us! So let's get started with getting to know each other!

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