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CCSE will post periodic announcements for our students and their potential employers. Check back often for the latest information. For all previous announcements, be sure to visit the archive.

Office Closure July 30, 2012

July 19, 2012

The Career Center for Science and Engineering will be moving back to Lind Hall on Monday, July 30th. Due to the move, CCSE will be closed all day on July 30th. We will reopen at 8:00AM on Tuesday, July 31st in our new location, 105 Lind Hall.

No Quick Stop Counseling during Summer Break

May 10, 2012

Starting May 14, 2012 The Career Center for Science and Engineering will not be offering Quick Stop Counseling. Our office will still have counseling by appointment.

8 Qualities of Remarkable Employees

March 20, 2012

Forget good to great. Here's what makes a great employee remarkable.

Great employees are reliable, dependable, proactive, diligent, great leaders and great followers... they possess a wide range of easily-defined--but hard to find--qualities.

A few hit the next level. Some employees are remarkable, possessing qualities that may not appear on performance appraisals but nonetheless make a major impact on performance.

Here are eight qualities of remarkable employees:


February 13, 2012

Social networking can be an integral part of your job search and career development if you use it correctly, and the Career Center for Science and Engineering is on Facebook! "Like" us on Facebook to stay informed about upcoming career events and receive weekly tips with new resources.

On our Facebook page, you can find:

  • Our services and contact information
  • CCSE Staff bios
  • Pictures of career events
  • CareerSpots videos - a collection of informational videos from CareerSpots on popular job search topics ("Top 10 Interview Mistakes," "Make Your Resume POP," "The Art of Saying Thank You," etc.)
  • Online Workshops - interactive online presentations with topics such as resume, cover letter, and CV writing, interviewing, networking, job fair success, salary negotiation, and more!
  • Links to download our Career Guides
  • Weekly tips and articles to help in your job search process
  • Career event postings for job fairs, information sessions, workshops, and networking events

Can Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Get You a Job?

December 2, 2011

Article from

These days, a college degree and years of experience do not necessary mean a good job like they used to, and competition is fierce for the few available openings. Coping with this New Normal, job seekers are reaching into unconventional and creative avenues to gain a competitive edge in the job jungle. And social media are increasingly becoming the new job fair for people to network, get new job leads or to promote and showcase resumes.

Indeed, Linkedin is the new hangout for corporate as well as agency headhunters, and many corporations have Twitter accounts and Facebook pages. The infographic below, based on a recent survey by Jobvite finds some interesting statistics regarding using social media for job search. For example,

  • 1 in 6 workers use social media to get hired
  • Almost 90% of job seekers have a profile on a social media site
  • 54% of all job hunters use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to find jobs
  • 50% of job seekers used Facebook, 25% used Twitter, and 36% used Linkedin to look for a job in the last 12 months
  • 18.4 million Americans say Facebook got them their current jobs. The numbers for Twitter and Linked in are 10.2 million and 8 million respectively

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