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Announcements from October 2008

Practice Interviewing Online with InterviewStream

October 14, 2008

InterviewStream is a virtual mock interview tool that lets you practice your interviewing skills, watch expert interview tips, and even create a video for prospective employers that you can link to on your resume.

To get started, log in to Interviewing Stream by clicking the link above. Do not have a web cam? We have a one available for you in the Career Center for Science and Engineering. This service is for CCSE students only.

Networking for International Students

October 14, 2008

The Career Center for Science and Engineering (CCSE) has introduced a new online workshop on NETWORKING FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS.

This workshop will provide information on how you utilize the BEST job search strategy available to students - NETWORKING, when exploring careers and searching for internships and full-time employment as an international student.

To see the list of workshops, visit:

Minneapolis Ranks Among the Top 5 Cities for Young Professionals

October 13, 2008

Young Professionals Flock to Minneapolis

The city is among the top five on Forbes' ranking of 40 U.S. cities.

Forbes magazine has been tracking the number of 20 to 35-year-old professionals in the 40 biggest metro areas in the United States to find out which ones are attracting fresh talent. Minneapolis came in at number five, bolstered by its highest concentration of top companies status, above average paying jobs, and its low cost of living. San Francisco displaced New York for the top spot this year. Adjusted for its population, the Bay Area has the highest share of young professionals who graduated from the 1998 class at prestigious schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Duke, Northwestern, and Princeton. Forbes methodology tracks where graduates settle 10 years after graduation as a way to find out where the best jobs are for young professionals. Those rankings are combined with Forbes research on 400 of the best big companies and 200 of the best small companies, median salary data from the Census Bureau, and is adjusted for population (so, for example, cities the size of Minneapolis can compete with New York).

The top-five cities for young professionals are:

1. San Francisco

2. Boston

3. Houston

4. New York

5. Minneapolis

July 2008 | by Katie Harholdt, Twin Cities Business Journal