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Announcements from January 2010

University of Minnesota IDEAL Survey - Feel Gift Included!

January 3, 2010

Attention students - take the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities IDEAL Employer Survey and get a free WetFeet Insider Guide.

Voice your opinions at:

Because University of Minnesota - Twin Cities students are highly sought after by employers, your opinions are extremely important and valuable sources of information. Top companies, including many that recruit University of Minnesota - Twin Cities students, base their recruiting strategies on Universum's research so it will truly benefit you and others on campus to share your opinions on recruiting and employers. Companies will only see the collective University of Minnesota - Twin Cities results, and your participation and identity will be kept confidential.

In appreciation for your time you will receive a free copy of the WetFeet Insider Guide: Killer Cover Letters and Resumes (a $21.95 value!)

Coming Soon: The new and improved Career Profile. In a few months, you will receive an exclusive invitation to join Universum's Career Profile--an online career toolbox where you can compare your survey results with other groups of respondents; receive targeted announcements from top employers about recruitment events, contests, opportunities, and more; get the inside scoop on your ideal and considered employers; and more.

In addition, thirty (30) students from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities will have the option to:

  1. Donate to PROJECT HOPE - providing life-saving vaccines to children in developing countries
  2. Donate to the UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) U.S. Fund
  3. Donate to breast cancer research

All respondents are also entered into the Universum 2010 Sweepstakes to win a $1000 Universum Scholarship or one of two $500 Universum Scholarships, as well as Golla laptop bags and accessories.

Take the survey now at:

It's your life, your future and your world!

Supported by the Universum Team.

U of MN Job and Internship Fair Facebook Page

January 3, 2010

The U of M Job and Internship Fair, scheduled for February 22nd, is the biggest student career fair in Minnesota! More than 250 organizations will be there recruiting for hundreds of jobs and internships. In the weeks preceding the fair, we will post helpful resources, tips, and notifications about related events to the wall of the Job Fair Facebook Page.

To stay informed, become a fan now:

Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships

January 3, 2010

The Department of Energy is offering Summer 2010 undergraduate laboratory internships for science and engineering students.

This program places students in paid internships in Science and Engineering at any of several Department of Energy facilities. Many of the participants in the program have decided on a career in science and engineering because of the nature of the experience. Students work with scientists or engineers on projects related to the laboratories research programs. The different laboratories each offer different research opportunities.

The summer programs at the various laboratories will run from late May to mid-August, fall programs run from August through December and spring programs from January through May. The exact start date will depend on the laboratory and will be given to participants who have been accepted at that specific laboratory. Students are required to participate for the full term of the program.

What is expected of each participant

Every participant is required to:

  • Complete the full ten or sixteen week program
  • Complete entrance and exit surveys on the EDULINK web-site
  • Behave in a responsible and professional manner
  • Submit a complete copy of a Research Paper or Power Point presentation (depending on the individual laboratory's policy)
  • Submit an abstract of their research in the required format
  • Attend all scheduled events including lectures, tours and group activities.
  • Participants should expect to spend more than 40 hours per week and more than 8 hours per day in activities and/or research related to their internships.

    Length of Appointment

    An appointment is for 10 weeks during the Summer Term (May through August) or for 16 weeks during the Fall Term (August through December) and Spring Term (January through May).

    For more information, please visit:

Internships for Students with Disabilities

January 2, 2010

We are pleased to announce that the AAAS ENTRY POINT! program is now accepting applications for 2010 summer internship opportunities. For more information, visit

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world's largest society for science, IT, engineering, and mathematics professionals, has placed hundreds of interns since 1996 at NASA, IBM, Merck, NOAA, Lockheed Martin, NAVAIR, CVS, Pfizer, Procter and Gamble, Shell Oil, USDA, and several university science laboratories.


  1. 1. Full-time student
  2. 2. Documented disability
  3. 3. Major in science, math, computer science/IT, engineering, business
  4. 4. GPA of 3.0 or higher
  5. 5. U.S. citizen


  • Paid positions in areas that complement your major and enhance your skills
  • Travel allowance may be offered
  • Assistive technology as needed
  • Assistance in locating accessible housing and transportation
  • AAAS support with application process, throughout internship session, and beyond
  • Competitive job assignments that allow you to "test drive" your career choice
  • Mentoring
  • Opportunities for successive internships, co-ops, and research opportunities

APPLICATION PROCESS:Go to the website to apply: Complete the online application and submit the required documents. Applications are accepted from September to May. Apply early for the most opportunities, as some companies have deadlines as early as January 15. Applicants are notified of acceptance for an internship from AAAS or from the specific company who has made the offer. For more information, including a list of required materials, visit the website or contact Laureen Summers at 202.326.6649 or

AAAS does not disclose information about disability to partners without permission from the student. Students needing accommodations for an interview or internship placement will work with the partner and AAAS to make the necessary arrangements.

Update Your GoldPASS Account Today!

January 2, 2010

Gear up for Spring 2010 recruiting by updating your GoldPASS account!

To update or create your account in Goldpass, or to apply for on-campus interview positions please visit:

For information on upcoming events, please visit the Career Events section on the CCSE website.

CCSE on Facebook and LinkedIn

January 2, 2010

The Career Center for Science and Engineering is now on Facebook and Linked in. You can link to our page and/or join our group by visiting us at:

Student Veteran and Service Member Internship Grant

January 1, 2010

Student Veterans and Service Members - get paid for your internship!

If you have an internship that is unpaid or low-paid (less than $1800 a semester), you may be eligible for a U of M Student Veterans and Service Members Internship Grant!

Find all the details and application instructions at

CCSE's New Resource Library

January 1, 2010

Stop by the CCSE to see our NEW Career Resource Library. This new library offers many more resources and handouts on a variety of topics, including What Can I Do With A Major In sheets for all IT and CBS majors, handouts on internships and co-ops, interviewing, graduate and professional school prep, and much more.

NACE Research: Students Who Use Career Center Fare Better in the Job Market

January 1, 2010

What is the difference between new college graduates who have a job and those who do not? The haves and have nots are distinguished in part by their use of their campus career center, according to NACEs 2009 Student Survey.

Survey results show that students who used career center services extensively fared better in the job market than their peers who did not use the career center or used the career center in a limited way.

Overall, just 19.7 percent of 2009 college graduates who applied for a job actually have one, according to NACEs study. However, 26 percent of those who applied for jobs and made heavy use of career center services have jobs.

Note: The 2009 Student Survey was conducted February 19, 2009, through April 30, 2009. More than 35,000 students representing 840-plus colleges and universities nationwide took part; more than 16,500 of those were graduating seniors. Information in this story are based on data gathered from graduating senior respondents.

Source: National Associate of Colleges and Employers (NACE)