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Announcements from September 2010

HONEYWELL Student Competitions

September 24, 2010

Honeywell is sponsoring two student competitions, the UniSim Design Competition and the OneWireless Plant of the Future Competition. For the UniSim competitions, students will use the Honeywell UniSim Design Suite to create a process design, solving a critical plant issue. For the One Wireless competition, students will be asked to design or create a plan for innovative wireless control in an industrial plant. Honeywell will also provide the Unisome software to the college at no cost if we do not have the software.

You can view the rules to the competitions here:

Honeywell encourages students to participate in these challenges. Honeywell believes that this will be a wonderful opportunity for students to compete against some of the other leading engineering schools as well as offer the chance to attend and present at the Honeywell User Group Conference in June.

You can see the presentations and information about the 2010 Conference at:

College Hiring Rebounds 13.5 percent for Class of 2011

September 1, 2010

College hiring is projected to rebound in time for the Class of 2011 to feel the effects.

Employers taking part in NACEs Job Outlook 2011 Fall Preview survey anticipate hiring 13.5 percent more new college graduates from the Class of 2011 than they hired from the Class of 2010.

While the overall hiring projection is positive, less than half of those surveyed anticipate an actual uptick in hiring. In fact, just under 48 percent of responding employers expect to increase their hiring; 40 percent expect to maintain their hiring levels, bringing on approximately the same number of 2011 grads as they did from the Class of 2010. Approximately 12 percent anticipate cutting college hiring further. (See Figure 1. below)

The Job Outlook 2011 Fall Preview survey was conducted among NACE employer members July 26 - August 20, 2010; 197, or 23.4 percent, responded. By region, 25.9 percent of the respondents represent organizations in the Northeast, 27.9 percent are from the Southeast, 32.5 percent are from the Midwest, and 13.7 percent are from the West.

Figure 1: College hiring plans by percent of responding employers collhiring_spot0910.gif