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Update Your GoldPASS Account after July 1, 2011

Update Your GoldPASS Account

Notice to all student/alumni users of the U of M GoldPASS site: When you log in after July 1, you must reactivate your account by reading and signing off on the User Agreement (an annual requirement).

This is also a good time to update your PROFILE. Having a current profile makes it easier for you to find jobs and internships that match your interests. Follow this checklist to make sure your account is up to date:

  • Update your profile, your graduation date, major, GPA, any information that has changed
  • Make sure you have your most current resume set as your default resume
  • If you want to receive e-mails directly from employers that match your interests, make sure to select 'yes' to 'Allow Employer Viewing' and select your job preferences.
  • Create or update your 'Job Agent' e-mails. This allows you to receive one e-mail a day with any new jobs or internships posted that meet your search criteria.

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