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May 21, 15

Spring grades and fall registration changes

Spring 2015 grades are here! Before you're busy soaking up sun this summer, it's important to double-check your Fall 2015 registration to confirm you are still meeting the pre- and co-requisites for your desired courses.


May 12, 15

Visit the Career Center!

While spring classes are winding down, the CSE Career Center is still open for business! Career counselors can help you polish your resume, find summer work experience, or figure out your career goals.


Apr 29, 15

Tips for connecting with professors

As a student, you should make an effort to talk with your professors - whether you need academic help or just want to build connections. To help you out, the CSE Academic Advising team has put together a few tips for connecting with professors.


Apr 17, 15

AP and IB scores: What you need to know before orientation

Orientation is just around the corner! If you have taken (or plan on taking) AP or IB exams to earn credit toward degree requirements, there are some important things to keep in mind. Your CSE Academic Advising team has all the information you need to know.


Apr 7, 15

Tips to prepare for orientation

Orientation is a very exciting part of your transition to college. You'll meet other new students, learn about the University of Minnesota, and select the courses you wish to take fall semester. The CSE Academic Advising team has provided some tips for you to keep in mind before and during orientation.


Mar 31, 15

What you need to know about "The Upgrade"

You've probably heard your academic advisor mention "The Upgrade" during your recent advising appointment. The CSE Academic Advising team has put together a few helpful pieces of information for you to know before, during, and after the upgrade.


Mar 23, 15

"Spring" into action and apply for admission to your major

Being admitted to your major is a big milestone in your academic career. To help you through the process, the CSE Academic Advising team has put together some of the most commonly asked questions about applying to your major.


Mar 11, 15

Fall 2015 registration: Reminders and tips

Registration for Fall 2015 begins Monday, March 23! Your CSE Academic Advising team has put together a few reminders to help ensure things go as smoothly as possible.


Mar 4, 15

Studying in the sun: Summer term courses

Summer term can be a great way to stay in the academic mindset, get ahead (or catch up) on degree requirements, or study subjects you don't have time to explore during the regular academic year. Here are some things to keep in mind when considering summer courses.


Feb 23, 15

MDR, OA, and DS Holds

We are just a few weeks away from Fall 2015 registration! You might have noticed that a hold was recently placed on your record. It's important to know what type of hold you have, as well as the steps you need to take to have it removed.


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