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Jul 7, 14

Orientation - Freshman Seminars

Freshman Seminars are a great way for incoming first year students to delve into a topic of interest with a small group and faculty member. Limited to 15 -20 freshmen, these courses will allow you to get to know your classmates, professor, and contribute to course dialogue on a regular basis. Faculty members have specifically designed these courses to provide a unique twist on their area of expertise. Seminars may also satisfy certain Liberal Education requirements.


Jun 5, 14

Orientation Final Reminders

We hope you are excited for Orientation! Before you get here, we want to provide you with some final reminders to ensure you're as prepared as possible:


May 29, 14

Summer Drop-Ins Schedule

Here's a complete list of days we will be open for drop-in advising this summer:


May 20, 14

Spring Grades and Fall Semester Registration Changes

As you receive final grades for your Spring 2014 courses, we remind you to double check your Fall registration to make sure you are still eligible for the courses you intend to take. Specifically, it is important for you to confirm that you are still meeting required pre- and co-requisites for your Fall semester courses.


May 12, 14

Application to the Major Reminders

As the May 25 deadline for spring application to the major approaches, here are some final reminders:


May 9, 14

Exploring Your Motivations - Orientation

"I'm planning on a double major with two minors and would like to spend at least one semester abroad."

Once in a while when we sit down one-on-one with an incoming student at orientation they begin their conversation with a statement like the one above.


Apr 30, 14

Student Experience in the Research University (SERU)

Want to make a difference in the ways you and others experience the University of Minnesota?


Apr 28, 14

Spring Semester One Time Only Drop

The last day to use your One-Time-Only Late Withdrawal (OTO) this semester is Friday, May 9, or before you have taken the final exam for the course.


Apr 28, 14

Orientation- Selecting Your Orientation Dates

Orientation is a great way to meet and engage with other incoming students, staff and faculty while exploring majors, resources and opportunities here at the U.


Apr 23, 14

Visit the Career Center!

The Career Center for Science and Engineering is an excellent resource to use this time of year.


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