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CSE Fiscal Admin Announcements

Oct 15, 14


What is a TMOG?  

Oct 14, 14

Electronic time and absence reporting

The upgrade will take time and absence reporting online.  Please review this email and the sneak peeks, and share them with others who would find them useful.   Read more...

Oct 6, 14

Annual ISO Certification

The ISO certification form for FY15 was due last week. 

Oct 2, 14

Late Reimbursements

A new travel reimbursement policy is under 30 day review.   Read more...

Jul 31, 14

Non-capital equipment on capital equipment accounts

Please see the message below from Accounting Services regarding non-capital equipment purchases charged to capital equipment accounts.


Jul 15, 14

P-card default

Most deptids in the college have something other than $0 in their p-card default account for FY14.   Read more...

Jun 25, 14

Year-end requirements

Some reminders about year-end.  

Jun 16, 14

MnDRIVE Documentation

Documentation for all MnDRIVE transactions on deptid 11055 needs to be sent to Cathy Burke.   Read more...

Jun 5, 14

Budgeting on payroll default

Some departments budgeted in the payroll default chartstring:  1026-xxxxx-21853.   Read more...

May 29, 14

FY15 Fringe Rate Revisions

Don't panic, but FY15 fringe rates are changing slightly from the figures that we have been using.