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Student Access to UM Reports

*RRC managers and cluster directors,*

We have good news for departments with student employees who work with
financial reports. Student employees may now request access to the
financial reports in UM Reports under their own Internet ID. There is no
longer a need to have a separate, departmentally sponsored Internet ID
in order to allow a student worker to log in to UM Reports so they may
run, view, or print financial reports.

*How do I get my student workers switched over to their own ID for UM

To have your student employee's UM Reports access moved to their own
Internet ID, contact the University Financial Helpline 612-624-1617
<tel:612-624-1617> or <>. This will
not require any additional paperwork. Once their access has been moved,
OIT Provisioning & Requests (formerly known as OIT Data Security) will
notify them via email.

*How do I get new student workers access to financial UM Reports?*

For new student employees in departments: complete an EFS access request Be sure to select the
"inquiry access" box on the first page of the form. If you only want the
student employee to access UM Reports and not access the rest of the
tools noted below, clearly write in the statement of business need box
"UM Reports only". Otherwise selecting that box on the request will get
the student worker access under their own Internet ID to the following:

 * Data Warehouse (DWFS and DWEF)
 * EFS reporting instance with Query Manager
 * WebNow view access
 * Access to the nVision tool
 * UM Reports financial reports


Sharing of IDs, passwords, or access to the University's financial
systems is a violation of policy and good business practices. Each
individual should be accessing the University's systems and data using
their own ID.