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RRC notes -- 1/16/13

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RRC Meeting Summary -January 16, 2013

EFS Update:  Information on the PeopleSoft upgrade project can be found at  More detailed websites for each workstream (Student, HR, EFS) are being developed.  The Student system site is already up, and EFS will be up by the end of January.  The EFS site will have progress updates, a calendar, lists of who is involved with the project, and a feedback/suggestion form.

Work on the EFS upgrade will pick up in 1-2 months.  Because EFS is the newest of the three systems, the other two are moving through the implementation partner's upgrade process first.  This staging of the work is part of the overall upgrade plan, but internally we have already done and continue to do a considerable amount of preparation for the EFS upgrade.

New Fee System:  FY14 fees will go in the new Fee Request System.  Training will begin in mid-February.  The Budget Office manually converted all fees from the old system to the new system, but ALL fees will need to be reviewed and verified in FY14.  Also, beginning in FY14, all fees will have to be approved by the RRC manager or designee before being forwarded to the Budget Office for approval.  Those involved in the fee process will hear more about this soon.

Imaging HSAs:  HSA documentation can now be imaged, but it does not have to be (for now).  Documents can be imaged by simply emailing them as an attachment with the HSA number in the subject line.  Detailed instructions have already been broadly distributed, so I will not repeat them here. 

The ability to get documents into the imaging system automatically via email eventually may be rolled out for other document types, too.

Enterprise Assessment:  The enterprise assessment is increasing from 1.25% to 1.75% in FY14.  Central explored changing the method of collection to be more like a cost pool, but decided to leave it as is for FY14.  Changing the process may be considered again in the future.