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June 2010 Archives

Jun 18, 10

IPrime Researcher Eray Aydil Team Contributor to Breakthrough in Solar Cell Research

Professor Eray Aydil of the IPrime Renewable Energy Materials program is part of a team of University of Minnesota-led researchers that has cleared a major hurdle in the drive to build solar cells with potential efficiencies up to twice as high as current levels.


Jun 8, 10

Rheological Measurements Short Course 2010

The next Rheological Measurements Short Course will be held June 10-15, 2012.

June 8-13, 2010

An intensive short course designed to give practicing engineers and chemists an understanding of rheology fundamentals, principles of measurements, and applications to problem solving. Again this year: condensed four-day course (with optional Sunday evening and Friday morning sessions).


Jun 8, 10

Coating Process Fundamentals Short Course 2010

The next Coating Process Fundamentals Short Course will be held May 24 - 26, 2011.

June 8 -10, 2010

This 3-day course covers fundamentals from liquid coating flows and application methods to solid coating development. The course is taught by a team of University and industrial lecturers. Lab tours and a complete set of notes are included.


Jun 7, 10

Cryo Electron Microscopy Short Course 2010

Two one-and-a-half day installments:
June 7-8 & July 29-30, 2010

This course is intended to enable industrial and academic scientists and engineers with no prior knowledge of electron microscopy to gain insight into cryotechniques to image nanostructures in liquids, soft materials, and biological systems. After attending the course you will be better able to assess what experiments are feasible for samples of interest to you, and to estimate the benefits and costs of these approaches.


Jun 1, 10

2010 IPrime Annual Meeting

Meeting Highlights & Resources

  • Presentations and Abstracts*
    IPrime members may access presentations and abstracts through the above link. If a presentation is available a "Download presentation" link appears after the abstract. Enter your company username and password to view.
  • Watch The Dynamic World of Coating Process Research*
    Plenary Session Presentation by CPF Program Leader Lorraine Francis.
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