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Precision Coating and Solidification Short Course 2010

September 11, 2010
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Campus

A one day course focused on premetered coating, multilayer coating and solidification phenomena. A lab tour is included. Held prior to the beginning of the ISCST Symposium.

The course covers the fundamentals of precision coating and solidification. The lectures are a subset and condensation of some of those presented at the three day intensive short course on Coating Process Fundamentals that is held annually at the University of Minnesota.

Registration and Information
Contact Professor Lorraine Francis & see the brochure (pg 3).

Marcio Carvalho, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro & Graduate Faculty member, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, University of Minnesota.

Lorraine F. Francis, Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science & IPrime Program Leader - Coating Process Fundamentals Program, University of Minnesota.

Alon V. McCormick, Professor, Chemical Engineering and Materials Science & IPrime Program Leader - Nanostructured Materials and Processes Program, University of Minnesota.

Wieslaw J. Suszynski, Research Fellow & Manager of the Coating Process and Visualization Laboratory, University of Minnesota

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