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IPrime Poster Competition Winners 2012

Congratulations to our Annual Meeting IPrime Poster Competition winners!

Over 100 participants displayed their research during our Annual Meeting Poster Session at the McNamara Alumni Center on May 30, 2012. The nine winners were selected for their outstanding presentation by a panel of IPrime industrial and faculty judges. The poster award includes a $200 stipend.

All abstracts are available. IPrime members may view several of the full presentations. Those not available are restricted due to research content. See below for login instructions.


Awards (pictured left to right)

1) Ligeng Yin - Chemisty - Microstructured Polymers program
Glucose-functionalized polymeric micelles as serum-stable carriers for drug delivery applications

2) Jihoon Shin - Chemisty - Microstructured Polymers program
Renewable thermoplastic elastomers

3) Eric Vandre - Chemical Engineering and Materials Science - Coatings Process Fundamentals program
Wetting failure in coating flows

4) Matt Menke - Chemical Engineering and Materials Science - Organic Optoelectronic Interfaces program
Tailoring exciton diffusion in organic photovoltaic cells for enhanced power conversion efficiency

5) Yuqiang Qian - Chemistry - Nanostructural Materials and Processes program
Catalyst-modified vermiculite clay for better dispersion in polyurethane nanocomposites

6) Angeline Klemm - Electrical and Computer Engineering - Magnetic Heterostructures program
Integration of a spintronic interface for nanomagnetic arrays for information processing

7) Bob Lewis - IPrime - Director of Technology Transfer

8) Victor Lai - Biomedical Engineering - Biomaterials and Pharmaceutical Materials program
Microstructural and mechanical differences between digested collagen-fibrin co-gels and pure collagen and fibrin gels

9) Liting Zhang - Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering - Biocatalysis and Biotechnology program
Development of Bioactive Polyurethane Films with Homogenous Protein Distribution and Control Release Effect

10) Boris Chernomordik - Chemical Engineering and Materials Science - Renewable Energy Materials program
Cu2ZnSnS4 nanocrystals for solar cells

Presentations are accessible to IPrime members only. To view, click the Download Presentation link directly below an abstract, and login using your company's username & password. Contact IPrime for assistance.

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