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New IPrime Faculty Patents

Three University of Minnesota IPrime program faculty were recently issued patents for their IP.

Biocatalysis and Biotechnology Program (BB)
Lipase-containing Polymeric Coatings for the Facilitated Removal of Fingerprints
Inventor: Ping Wang (BB Program Leader)
Abstract: A substrate or coating is provided that includes a lipase with enzymatic activity toward a component of a fingerprint. Also provided is a process for facilitating the removal of fingerprints is provided wherein an inventive substrate or coating including a lipase is capable of enzymatically degrading of one or more components of the fingerprint to facilitate fingerprint removal from the substrate or said coating. Applying heat to the substrate or coating increases the rate of fingerprint removal.

Systems and Methods for Analyzing a Particulate
Inventor: Friedrich Srienc
Abstract: Systems and methods are provided for analyzing particulates. A liquid having a plurality of particulates substantially linearly ordered in a streamline can be externally controlled to provide flow in first and second directions, where, generally, the first direction is opposite to the second direction. A target particulate can be measured from the plurality of particulates at or near a measurement area while the liquid flows in the first flow direction. The flow direction can be reversed and measured at the measurement area while flowing in the second direction. The particulates substantially retain the same linear order during at least one cycle, a cycle being defined by movement in the first direction followed by movement in the second direction.

Microstructured Polymers Program (MP)
Nano-structured Polymer Composites and Process for Preparing Same
Inventors: Marc Hillmyer (MP Program Leader), Liang Chen (Berkley, CA)
Abstract: A process for preparing a polymer composite that includes reacting (a) a multi-functional monomer and (b) a block copolymer comprising (i) a first block and (ii) a second block that includes a functional group capable of reacting with the multi-functional monomer, to form a crosslinked, nano-structured, bi-continuous composite. The composite includes a continuous matrix phase and a second continuous phase comprising the first block of the block copolymer.

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