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Workshop Abstracts - I' Annual Meeting 2014

Synthetic Biology and Bioprocessing (BB)
May 28, 1:15-5:00p
Coordinator: Kechun Zhang
This workshop introduces both frontier advances and industrial practices of industrial biotechnologies. One focus is on synthetic biology which seeks design and synthesis of genetic parts that can be assembled for construction of synthetic circuits and devices, leading to cells possessing non-native cellular mechanisms and functionalities. Both fundamental concepts and technology tools will be discussed along with application potentials. The second half of the workshop discusses essentials for bioprocessing and bio-manufacturing, concerning both operational and instrumental factors. The topics will likely to benefit a variety of biotechnological areas including drug discovery and production, bio-renewable chemical and fuels, protein synthesis, biomaterials, cellular programming and biomedical engineering.

Microneedle Based Delivery of Theraputics (BPM)
May 28, 8:30-11:40a
Coordinator: Jayanth Panyam
Microneedle technology offers the ability to deliver therapeutic agents across or into the skin with the efficiency of an injection but without the pain. Various microneedle designs have been examined for the purpose of drug delivery including drug-coated solid microneedles, dissolvable polymer microneedles embedded with drug, and hollow microneedles capable of infusing drug solutions. Microneedles can be used to deliver a wide variety of therapeutic agents including small molecules, macromolecules, and colloidal carriers. Therapeutic applications include sustained release of drug molecules as well as vaccine delivery. This workshop will discuss the latest developments in microneedle technology and therapeutic applications.

Coating With Inks, Paint and Particulate Suspensions (CPF)
May 27, 1:30-5:20p
Coordinator: Satish Kumar (Program Co-Leader)
Agenda: Day 1

This workshop will focus on issues related to coating and printing with inks,
paints, and particulate suspensions The scope of the workshop
includes synthesis and formulation, structure and
rheology, wetting and spreading, and drying and solidification.
Talks covering fundamentals or applications are welcome.

Modern Polymer Characterization Methods (MP)
May 27, 1:30-5:40p & May 28, 9:20-11:40a
Coordinator: Marc Hillmyer
Agenda: Day 1 & Day 2
Speakers will include: Dr. Paul Bulter, NIST [small-angle neutron scattering]
Dr. Willem deGroot, Dow Chemical Company [size exclusion chromatography]
Prof. Scott Grayson, Tulane University [mass spectrometry]
Prof. Chinedum Osuji, Yale University [small-angle x-ray scattering]
Prof. Dan Savin, University of Southern Mississippi [light scattering]
Prof. Gila Stein, University of Houston [grazing incidence small-angle x-ray scattering]

Interfacial Rheology (NMP)
May 27, 1:30-5:20p
Coordinators: Joe Zasadzinski
The stability of foams, emulsions, and other complex fluid mixtures often is determined by the viscosity and elasticity of the multiple interfaces present in such materials. However, isolating these interfacial properties from the bulk is problematic; it is difficult to create experimental approaches that cleanly separate interfacial properties from bulk properties. It is also often difficult to not permanently disturb the interface during the measurement process, thereby introducing systematic errors into the measurements that can lead to confusion. In our workshop, we will present the state of the art measurements of interfacial viscosity and elasticity at air-water and oil-water interfaces important to technology, physics, and medicine. Each set of interfaces presents a unique set of challenges that can be overcome by proper experimental design and theoretical models.

Dr. Shelly Anna, Carnegie Mellon University
Dr. Lynnette Cegelski, Stanford University
Dr. Vivek Sharma, University of Illinois, Chicago
Dr. Cari Dutcher, U. Minnesota
Dr. Joseph Zasadzinski, U. Minnesota

Materials and Processes for Printed Electronics (joint OEI/CPF)
May 28, 8:30-11:40a
Coordinator: Russ Holmes
This workshop will cover innovations in materials and processes that underlie the develop of printed electronics on flexible substrates. Industrial speakers will discuss product ideas and challenges in printed electronics, as well as technical accomplishments in the fabrication of devices by printing electronically functional inks.

Characterization Facilities Tour (CharFac)
May 28, 7:00-8:30p
Coordinator: Greg Haugstad

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