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Gemini Project workshop on Thursday, Nov. 19 teaches you how to act like a leader

Leadership is action, not position!

gemini-logo-300.jpgLearn how to act like a leader even before you are one at the next Gemini Project workshop.

Gemini Project Workshop
Act Like a Leader Before You Are One
Thursday, Nov. 19, 2013
4-5:30 p.m.
Walter Library, Room 101

Hosted by Ecolab.

No registration is required.

Leaders are people who create a future that wasn't going to happen anyway--regardless of the title and position they hold. In this highly interactive workshop we'll explore effective actions you can take to "step up" as an influential innovation leader, even without a title.
Several experienced leaders will share their perspectives and coach small teams to identify and share leadership best practices with the large group. You'll leave with two to three practices that will help you become a more effective leader--on campus, at home, and at work as you start your career.

This workshop is part of a series of Gemini Project workshops designed to help you "jump start" your career as an innovation leader by broadening your mind set, expanding your tool set, and developing the "soft skills" and business acumen you will need to create your own "ripple effect" of success. All workshops are free.

The Gemini Project is made possible through a generous grant from the Gemini Endowment to the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering.

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