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Jan 18, 15

Our final days in Tanzania

We spent our last evening at Mwagusi Safari Camp with a riverside dinner and music around the campfire. We then began our long journey home, reminiscing about the trip of a lifetime.


Jan 15, 15

Safari at Ruaha National Park

We departed Iringa at 9 a.m. for the four-hour journey to Ruaha National Park. Three hours of our trip were on rough gravel roads, but this didn't suppress our excitement to see giraffes, impala, baboons, lions, and more.


Jan 13, 15

Discussing ideas and finding solutions

All three groups have returned from their trips to the villages. We spent much of the day interpreting the information we collected so we can begin to develop potential solutions to the water issues in each village.


Jan 13, 15

Evaluating water systems in Mlangali

The Mlangali group headed toward the Mgela region to check out the current water systems in the area. We discovered that most of the water came from muddy, hand-dug wells. After doing some testing and meeting with local water committees, we gathered information that will hopefully help us find solutions.


Jan 12, 15

Water issues in Ilula

Our Ilula group spent three days in the village evaluating the piping system. As we learned more about Ilula, it became apparent that there are several problems with the existing system. Our task now is to work toward solutions to these problems to get reliable, clean water throughout the village.


Jan 11, 15

Visit to the village of Ihemi

Our group arrived at the Ihemi village to a traditional welcoming song and dance. During our stay, we examined the current water system, met with the village water committee, and enjoyed delicious food and a church service full of singing and dancing.


Jan 8, 15

Touring the University of Iringa

After a relaxing morning, we took a bus to the University of Iringa and were given a tour of campus. We spent the rest of the day preparing for our upcoming trips to nearby villages.


Jan 7, 15

Tanzania schools and a barefoot lecture

Today, like every day since we've been here, was a good day. We learned about the Tanzanian schooling system, visited the markets, got a barefoot lecture, and worked out some fluid mechanics problems involving pump and gravity-fed systems.


Jan 6, 15

Visiting Kising'a and Lukani

Today we visited the villages of Kising'a and Lukani from the Tanzania 2014 trip to see the progress being made on the proposed projects. We also left our mark by planting avocado trees around the premise of a church in Lukani.


Jan 5, 15

Exploring Iringa

After a morning lecture, we set off to explore the town of Iringa. We had a delicious lunch, bought souvenirs at the Maasai market, and met lots of friendly people.