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Seven Sunny Days

Monday, May 24

London is infamous for its rain, but the seven days we've spent in London so far have brought nothing but beautiful weather. A student from Imperial College told us that there were 10 sunny days in London each year. It is also happens that our stay here lasts 10 days. Is this a coincidence? Probably not.

With no clouds in the sky this morning, we met with Vivian, another Seminars International guide, who brought us to Stonehenge and then the city of Bath.

The students at Stonehenge

The visit provided a stark contrast from what we had been exposed to already. Last week we were scuffling in the busy streets of London, but today we strolled across the fields and farms of rural UK. Also last week, we saw the forefront of technology and the beginnings of nanotechnology in the future. Today, on the other hand, we saw structures built millennia ago. In fact, construction of Stonehenge is believed to have begun circa 2500 B.C. We also realized a stark contrast when we transitioned from seeing some of the smallest structures ever created by humans to seeing one of the largest structures ever erected by human strength alone. Many of the nanostructures at the research institutes were too small to see without the aid of microscopes such as the AFM. Stonehenge, however, was impossible to pass without notice.

Students gazing at Stonehenge

From left to right: Michelle, Danielle, Maggie, and Rhonda

Bath is an old Roman city known for its hot spring baths and for being the home of famous Victorian writer Jane Austen. The group met at the Bath Abby.

Bath Abby

For lunch, Vivian recommended Cornish pasties among other things.

Students eating cornish pasties in Bath

From left to right: Zach, Maggie, Jay

Within the city of Bath we visited the Roman spring baths.

Students peering into a bath below

The water was unsanitary, and touching it was strongly discouraged.

Not recommended

Irresponsible student

Responsible students

Bored, we decided we'd rather call up our friends in the U.S.

Students listening to audio set tour guides



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