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Sleep Deprivation

Wednesday, May 26

"Lectures by day, [BLANK] at night, blog in the early morning, sleep in my dreams."

On account that the blogger is dying of sleep deprivation, I will only post a couple of photos and let the reader guess their meanings and locations. Also, comments on each page would be greatly appreciated because they would acknowledge that anyone is reading this blog.









I love the blog, and look at it every day. Thanks for doing this

I've really enjoyed the blog! Sleep is over-rated!

Steve!! This blog is hilarious!

Friday in America:
Ver glad to see youre all having such a great time - learning alot, you went to stonehenge!! and are having some wild adventures apparently in the evenings! Having visited London once, I know those pubs are .... um, great places to visit.
On a more personal note: Jon's green tshirt with the cow.. thats all i can say about that. ha!

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