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Day 10: Xi'an

Zàijiàn (再见) Harbin and nǐ hǎo (你好), Xi'an!

In boarding the plane from Harbin to Xi'an, we had to use an alternative way of boarding a plane. For some of the students, it was their first time to not use a tarmac to board a plane. In this case, we were driven by a bus to the foot of the plane, and there we boarded the plane via a staircase.

On the bus to the plane

Boarding the plane via steps

Plane Ride
I sat next to a Chinese girl from Harbin who didn't speak any English. She was travelling to Xi'an to meet a friend. We were able to converse in Chinese through my little knowledge of the language and some hand gestures. She told me a little bit of her family and life story; I am glad that I was able to somehow use the Chinese I've learned in my stay here to communicate with her. However, I'm a little sad on the realization of how unfortunate we are because people have to accommodate more to our needs because they know more of our language and culture than we know of theirs. This was the first time I've fully tried to communicate to someone in their language because they don't know any of mine (English or Filipino) except for the phrase "thank you very much." I hope the U could create more opportunities that would engage students in learning a new language.

Min (not sure if I spelled it correctly) and Ysa (me)

We have arrived at Xi'an around 17:30. Xi'an is China's old capital city which is known for its history that can be dated 3,100+ years ago.

We are now lodging at the Grand Park hotel near the south gate of the city wall.
Grand Park hotel lobby

We walked at some parts of the city and saw these senior citizens exercise or rather dance:
Senior citizens dancing on the streets

Ryan and Ysa one the streets of Xi'an. Behind them is one of the sections of the city wall.

Tomorrow we'll be visiting the famous Terracotta Army and will be exploring more of the ancient China through its oldest city.

Learn Chinese with Us
In speaking to Min earlier, I learned these:
United States/U.S.A./ America (美国) - Měiguó
China (中国) - Zhōngguó


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