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Day 2: Tsinghua University

"... the MIT of China."

We visited Tsinghua University, one of the top Universities in China, also known as "the MIT of China" due to its strong science and engineering program. For the most part of the day we went on touring their university with some of the computer science undergraduate students. While on our way to the university, Ysa and Jenn presented some facts about Tsinghua University. To see their pamphlet, click here.

The first research topic presented was called the Smart Home. It's purpose is to make every device in one's home connect with each other and integrating them with one's daily living. For example, a kitchen that reminds a person to take his/her medicine while also updating family members on his/her intake through a mobile device. The same system could also be used for security purposes with the use of sensors located around the house; the device will alert the home-owner and the police about the robberies, carbon monoxide poisoning, and many more.
Smart Home system

In his slide is an output of an ECG of one of the students transmitted wirelessly through the Smart Home system

Another research topic presented is called the Harmonicare. The Harmonicare solution system is a training device to improve one's respiratory health using a harmonica. It is built with a game-like interface (think about it as a harmonica version of Guitar Hero), to show that curing or preventing respiratory diseases can be fun and effective.
They've only worked on it for three months and will be competing in the Imagine Cup held by Microsoft in NY this year.
Computer science undergraduate students presenting their invention called the Harmonicare

They presented more research topics such as, what they called Bravura: LiveS Cube--a social network built using ones phone book, another is called TongShare, a shared agenda system also a micro social networking device originally made for Tsinghua University students.

The group with some of the local students

The original Facebook in Tsinghua University! It is believed that touching the nose will make one smarter.

Tsinghua University just celebrated their 100 year anniversary three weeks ago!

The girls plus Apple (one of the local students of TU) in front of the first girls dormitory

One word that describes China: BIKES!
There's just bikes everywhere!

Stay tuned for our next blog, we'll be visiting Peking University/Beijing University next.

谢谢! (Thank you!)


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