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Day 4: Microsoft Research Asia

Today was the first time we've seen clear blue skies since we landed in Beijing. - 19 May 2011


We visited Microsoft Research Asia, toured their facility and learned more about some of their ongoing projects. Bin Zhu, a former student of Prof. Sobelman was our host, he gave a presentation on the research he does most primarily on Trustworthy Computing. They make sure that they deliver secure and reliable computing experience and services with privacy protection for consumers. HIP (Human Interactive Proof) and CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) are few examples of systems they're working on.

Thumbnail image for screen-capture-1.png

If you read and commented on our blog (and yes, feel free to comment below), I'm sure you've seen CAPTCHA in action

They've also talked about the MSRA internship program and opportunities in MSRA that is available for international students as well.


We also met up with Matt Callcut MSRA's PR who've shown us demos on really cool projects they're working on. Here's one of the demos he showed us called e-Heritage

Get Microsoft Silverlight

The other projects are: Acing, 1.6 Gigapixel Camera and The Translating Telephone.

After the presentations, we mingled a little bit with their interns from different parts of the world, and went on a tour of their facility. I may say, that it's one of the coolest workplace I've seen. Two of the interns I've met said that they like the atmosphere of the workplace and that it's very open and flexible--they can come in and leave whenever they want; moreover, they not only get technical workshops but also career-related ones too. Oh, and by the way, they have these:


And more importantly, these:
What more can we ask for?

In the afternoon, a few of us went to the Silk Market (a place you can buy cheap stuff) while the rest went to the Summer Palace.

In the subway

At the Silk Market

Learn Chinese with us
Word for the day: 不要 - Bùyào (I don't want it) -- this phrase is helpful when haggling with the sales lady.

We'll be visiting the Forbidden City next so stay tuned and subscribe/RSS feed this blog.




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