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Day 5

Today we immersed ourselves in the history of China by visiting Tian Men Square and the Forbidden City. I found the idea of the whole city being governed by fungshui to be very cool. Fungshui has to do with the flow of energy due to the position of things and structures in the house or, in this case, the palace. Although we were told that the Forbidden City was large, I'm pretty sure we all underestimated just how large it is. Fortunately, after the Forbidden city we were able to relax and ride rickshaws through the old streets of China. The rickshaws took us to local families who invited us into their home and made us a meal. It was very cool to see a family that had lived in the same 200 year old house for 4 generations and how they lived. Visiting the family may be the experience that I will be least likely to forget.
Day 5 101.JPG
On a side note, throughout our China trip, we have encountered and tried (at least some of us) quite a few strange foods.
Strange Foods to Date:
-fish eye
-sheep stomach
-century egg
-krill (with head and tail and feet)


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