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Day 8: Harbin Institute of Technology

Monday. Our first day at Harbin Institute of Technology or H.I.T..

We had the warmest welcome from the staff and faculty of H.I.T.--one of the top universities in China. It is mainly an engineering school and is mostly known for its Astronautics program. In 2004, the first satellite led by a Chinese college is launched; that college was H.I.T. Also, they're the only school in China to launch a satellite.

Us at their conference room

They gave us a brief presentation of their school and their electrical engineering department

Prof. Sobelman also got to talk about the Electrical and Computer Engineering department of the U

Tony, one of the participants shared his campus life experiences at the U while also promoting the Innovative Engineers student group to their campus

They also have an IEEE H.I.T. Student Branch

They decided to treat us for lunch at their school cafeteria to get the feel of their student life

Eating at the cafeteria

Also, they got us gifts!

We went to their Electrical Engineering department which is ranked 7th in the country.


Graduate students working on their research

Then we visited a class where the professor lectured about using VGAs that simulates a bouncing ball program all in Chinese

Right after touring their facilities, they invited us to a dinner at a restaurant. We talked about soccer and basketball, American T.V. shows, the students' graduate studies and future endeavors; it is very common that they know a lot about American culture, but it is also sad at the same time, because we barely know of their culture. In language alone, they could speak more of our language than we could speak theirs. They really went above and beyond to make our visit here a great one and we are grateful that we were able to meet them.

Shark fin soup. Yummm...

The guys after dinner

Summer Camp at HIT
H.I.T. is hosting a summer camp from July 15-26 for international students who want to experience some Chinese cultre and learning. Application deadline is May 31st. More information, e-mail them here.

Recreation and Relaxation
At night, we decided to do some recreation by playing ping-pong and working out at the hotel's gym, while others decided to relax by the hotel pool.

Learn Chinese with Us
Instead of using all 10 fingers to count, they only use one hand or five fingers to count 1 to 10. Here's how it goes:

Tomorrow will be our second day at H.I.T. and will be touring their Computer Science and Technology department. Don't forget to share the link to your friends and family!


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