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Dr. Erdman Arrives to Town

Today was our first day with the switch of professors that are here on the trip. Dr. Kelso left to go back to America (just in time to see his daughters graduation from high school) and Dr. Erdman arrived not a moment too soon.

Dr. Erdman spent his time today getting to know all of us better and asked us questions about our robots. Things like how they worked, what we are worried about the most come competition time, and what we still needed to work on.

Here, Dr. Erdman talks with the Winterthur Warriors (Andy, Steph, Steven, Allie respectively)


Team GastroBlitz (Jin, Stephen, Emily respectively) are testing out their GPS coordinate system out on the playground




Thanks for your post, Arthur. Many great lessons are being learned during this CSE Global Seminar course that no textbooks will teach you...such as the importance of collaboration, respectful communication on the team, hard work and discipline. Competition should be secondary. All of you are the winners already! Great work!

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