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College of Science and Engineering

Energy Seminar at the University of Agder

This morning, we walked to the University of Agder for the Second International Seminar on Renewable Energy. We spent the day listening to lectures from local professors and business representatives. We started the day with a session on solar electricity. During this session, we learned about the use of solar energy and its future applications throughout society. After a short coffee break, we learned about hydro power and innovation. In these lectures, we specifically talked about hydro power in Norway and how it is used in other parts of Europe. Finally, we listened to a session on renewable energy and grid integration. We discussed the important considerations when attaching renewable energy sources to the current grid. Professor Imbertson concluded the event by stressing the importance of creating relationships throughout our time abroad. We ended our time at the University with a lasagna dinner where we could chat with others at the seminar. After dinner, many of us walked around Grimstad or played frisbee in the park because it was such a beautiful day.


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