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First Company Visit in Zürich and Ganymede-Rover-Prototype development

Our second day in Winterthur was much more pleasant than the first in terms of energy levels, and most people seemed to be getting over the jetlag. In the morning we visited the headquarters of RUAG Space, which is located in Zürich.


RUAG manufactures space equipment that is sold to companies like NASA and other communications companies, which launch satellites into orbit. This picture shows a payload fairing which costs about $1.8million and is capable of housing and launching 3 or 4 satellites into orbit. A lot of careful planning is required for the success of these "fairings" and we learned about their reputation within the space industry (very prestigious.) After the company visit we ate lunch at Mensa and then had a few hours to explore the city further, here's Andy in one of the city's beautiful parks


After our explorations we headed back to ZHAW (Zürich University of Applied Sciences) to work on our design project, the Ganymede-Rover-Prototype. We started group work today and began to build and develop our robots out of the lego kits. This is the view from one of the windows in the classroom we're in, sehr schön!


Tomorrow we'll be spending more time in the classroom, testing and developing our robots, many are looking good already!



Hey there! You look good in your photo, hope that you have a good time over there at Zurich.What are those fairings for ?

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