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Hiking in Iceland

Iceland Morning

It was another wonderful day in Iceland. Our hydrogen power lecture was cancelled this morning, so Professor Imbertson gave us a brief lecture about it. After that, we were free to explore the city. Some of us walked along the ocean shore. Others of us went up the tower of the Hallgrimskirkja church to take pictures of the city.
This afternoon we visited a volcanic crater. It was fun to hike around and again, we got to see how beautiful Iceland really is.

Iceland Hiking

Bo bought fermented shark meat, which many of us tried. We then relaxed on the moss that is on top of the rock. Professor Imbertson talked about what he expected us to get out of the trip. After an hour or so of relaxing, we boarded the bus again and headed to Thingvellir National Park which is located along the fault line where the North American plate and the Eurasian plate are diverging. There, Bo taught us a bit more about Iceland's history. The park is considered to be the most important historical landmark in Iceland because the oldest parliament in the world was founded here.
We got back to Reykjavik in time for dinner. A group of 15 of us went to a restaurant called Icelandic Fish and Chips and we ordered fried cod, potatoes, and salad. We are all looking forward to hiking around Iceland again tomorrow!



Have fun guys! Can you put your photo link on the blog each day? thanks!

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