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Hop la hop in the robot room!

Today we had frühstück (breakfast) in the cafeteria of the STF then it was off to the lab to work on our prototypes all day


This is team Matterhorn hard at work on their prototype, it was slowly coming along for them. After 4 hours of working on the prototypes we ran down to the Mensa to have lunch, some "Schweinsschnitzel" with vegetables, lentils and iced tea made with water from the alps, alles schmeckt gut!


After lunch our swiss professor Dejon lectured about just how complicated and intricate mechatronics is. We learned about odometry and how careful calibration of our actuators (motors in this case) is necessary in order for our robots to accomplish the task prescribed. The first step to make sure our robots are properly calibrated is to find the center of rotation. It took a while for everyone to get a model built and functional, but many groups seem to have the right idea and have made good progress.


Here is of some of team "INHOMOGENEOUS," the team that has "the most potential" according to Dejon. He might be serious when he says that, but we'll see once the competition rolls around in the third week. Tomorrow is another work day so I expect we'll see some good progress after 8 more hours of work time.



Pictures are great, keep them coming! It is hard to believe you are all over in Switzerland. What a wonderful opportunity. Good luck to all the teams!

Brian - Nice hat!
Mom and Jessica

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