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Last Day in Rome!

This morning we started our day with a visit to the San Callisto Catacombs. There are 60 catacombs around Rome, and these are the biggest. The early Christians buried their dead and worshiped in the catacombs up to the time of Constantine, when the Roman empire accepted Christianity. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos inside the catacombs.

Next, we walked up to part of the original Appian Way, the early Roman road. Due to the Romans' strict construction methods and good drainage, parts of the road completed in the Fourth Century A.D. still exist today!
appian way.JPG

Professor Ballarini took us down to a park were a good section of the Roman Aquaduct is located. It was great to see the massive structures still standing after all this time. We also enjoyed exploring an area with no other tourists around, unless you count the herd of sheep grazing nearby in a field.

aquaduct group.JPG

Our final group stop today was the Palazzetto dello Sport Arena, which was designed by Nervi, the same structural engineer who designed the Vatican auditorium we saw a couple days ago. The large-span reinforced concrete dome he designed is one of the largest in the world. Rome had the arena built for hosting the Olympics in 1960.
nervi arena2.JPG

Now we're all off for another evening of great cuisine at various restaurants around the city. Tomorrow morning, we leave Rome and head north to the port town of La Spezia!

Here's a couple of photos from yesterday's Roman Coliseum visit:

coliseum group.JPG



Hi from to all, especially Kirsten... from Waseca.....

Looks like a great learning adventure.

Wow, it's amazing those structures are still around today. Looks like eveyone is having a great time. Thanks for the updates!!

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